Full range of accessories for use with the STIHL Cordless power tools.
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STIHL AK Battery Slot Cover
Extra protection for your STIHL cordless tool.This battery slot cover covers the battery slot on any..
Stihl AP 100 Battery (4850 400 6550)
Compatible with the STIHL cordless power system. Light weight 36v Lithium-Ion PRO battery with charg..
Stihl AP Holster With Connecting Cable
Enables energy transfer from a STIHL AP battery to the BGA 100. Can be combined with the battery bel..
Stihl Battery Bag
Soft bag for safe transport and storage of up to 2 x STIHL Li-ion batteries and 1 x STIHL charger...
Stihl Battery Belt with Harness (4850 490 0500)
Sturdy & ergonomically shaped belt with comfortable harness for weight distribution across hips ..
STIHL Carry Bag for Cordless Batteries & Charger
A lightweight and comfortable carry bag.Designed to carry your batteries and accessories, this is a ..
Stihl Cover For The AP Battery Slot
For covering the battery slot on any STIHL cordless machine. Protects against dust and dirt during l..
Stihl HTA65/HTA85/HLA85 Battery Protection Foot
The STIHL Battery Protection Foot is designed to be fitted to the HTA65, HTA85, and HLA85, and is de..
STIHL Large Battery Carrying Box
The STIHL Battery boxes are a space saving way to transport your STIHL AR900 battery pack and charge..
Stihl Small Battery Carrying Box
The STIHL Battery boxes are a space saving way to transport up to 4 batteries or 2 batteries and a b..
Stihl Weight Kits For AP Adapter
To be attached to the AP adapter to improve the tool balance, e.g. for FSA 90, approx. 500 g...
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