Why choose a STIGA Electric Lawn Tractor?

Why choose a STIGA electric Lawn Tractor?

Discover a new way of cutting grass with STIGA's electric ride on lawn tractors. A fantastic experience that combines excellent cutting performance, easy maintenance, smart handling and is very user-friendly. STIGA have a range of small machines for residential users, or more complex ones for larger areas.

Designed for Larger Lawns
STIGA lawn tractors have large cutting decks up to 108cm and integrated ePower batteries, meaning they can effortlessly cover areas ranging from 3000 to 7500m2 on a single charge.

An improved cutting experience
STIGA electric lawn tractors are manoevrable and precise, they offer a smooth driving experience with no exhaust fumes, less noise and less arm vibration, ensuring a comfortable cutting session. With STIGA's One Pedal Drive system and electric drivem you can control all functions with just one foot, accelerating and decelerating effortlessly with maximum control.

Battery-powered means less maintenance, you will never have to change spark plugs, air filters, oil or engine parts again!

Long Term Investment
Choosing an electric lawn tractor is a smart investment economoically and environmentally. Battery Powered ride ons will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions whilst you mow your lawn. This is especially important as the world is transitioning into more eco-friendly solutions. Another positive, making electric lawn tractors a long-term financial decision, is the low running costs and reduced maintenance compared to petrol alternatives.

The STIGA range includes 3 different collecting models and 3 side discharge models. Whatever your mowing needs, STIGA have a tractor option for you. Additionally, all STIGA tractors are designed for mulching,  to ensure maximum versatility to meet your personal lawn care needs.

Contact us on 01260 278332 or alternatively, email us at

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Polaris Homologations Table (Understanding the different homologations)

Polaris Homologations Table
Homologation Cost if Road Registration Required Off-Road Use Fitted w/ Mirrors, Indicators, Handbrake, Horns, Fittings for Number Plates Agri-Road Use Fully Road Legal Power Restricted to 15kwh Speed Restricted to 40km/hr Speed Restricted to 60km/hr Speed Restricted to 90km/hr Unlocking Differential (Prevents Tyre Scuff when Turning) Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
INTL or MD or Off-Road Use Only

EU (Agricultural Road Use) = Agri Road Legal
(includes number plate, no road tax)

L7E = Fully Road Legal
Power Restricted to 15kwh
No Unlocking Differential
(includes number plate + 12mths road tax)

Tractor T1A/T2A/T3A = Fully Road Legal
Speed Restricted to 40km/hr
Unlocking Differential
(includes number plate + 12mths road tax)

Tractor T1B/T2B/T3B = Fully Road Legal
Speed Restricted to 60km/hr
Unlocking Differential
(includes number plate + 12mths road tax)

Tractor T1B/T2B/T3B + ABS = Fully Road Legal + Anti-Lock Braking System
Speed Restricted to 90km/hr
Unlocking Differential
(includes number plate + 12mths road tax)

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Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund - Grants available for Football Clubs

Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund - Grants available for Football Clubs

The Grass Pitch maintenance fund provided by the football foundation provides eligible organisations with a tapered 6-year grand to assist them in sustaining already 'good' level pitches, or to assist with enhancing basic or poor pitches. The campaign is the Football Foundations Power up your Grass Pitch campaign, with an aim to deliver 20,000 great quality grass pitches by 2030.

(Tapered means that the Football Foundation will pay a reduced percentage of the initial grant value every two years with the club making up the difference. For example, the grant awarded for an 11v11 pitch that needs enhancing would be £3200 in year 1 and 2, £2133 in year 3 and 4 and £1067 in year 5 and 6).

Who's eligible?
All applicants must have the required security of tenure, which is either owning the freehold, having a 10-year lease or longer, or a service level agreement with the site lasting 10 years. Applicants will also need to complete a PitchPower inspection within the last 12 months for all their pithces and have recieved a PitchPower Pitch Assessment Report, before they can apply. The Chair, Vice-Chair, Secratary or Treasurer of the club are the only ones that can submit an application form.

-Grassroots Football Clubs
-Education Sites offering community usage on evenings and weekends
-Town and Parish Councils that host grassroots footall clubs on council-owned sites
-National League System (Steps 1-6) and Women's Football Pyramid (Tiers 1-4) Clubs (only for non-stadia pitches at the site that is used for community football).

Who's not eligible?
-Local Authorities
-An individual or sole trader
-A commercial/for-profit entity

ENHANCE - For pitches with Performance Quality Standard of 'basic' or below.
-11 v 11 Pitch Size - £3,200 Per Pitch
-9 v 9 Pitch Size - £2,560 Per Pitch
-Mini Soccer Pitch Size (7v7 or 5x5) - £1,920 Per Pitch

SUSTAIN - For pitches with a Performance Quality Standard of 'good' or higher.
-11 v 11 - £960 Per Pitch
-9 v 9 - £640 Per Pitch
-Mini Soccer Pitch Size (7v7 or 5x5) - £384 Per Pitch

For the most up-to-date details on the grant please visit the Football Foundation Website. Their typical process usually involves the following steps:

1. Completing a PitchPower inspection report.
2. Recieve multiple quotes from different suppliers having demonstrations if required
3. Applying for the grant
4. Paying the club's share of the final invoice
5. Recieving funds from the FA
6. Paying the final balance of the machine
7. Recieving your new mower.

•Applicants will need to complete a PitchPower inspection for all their pitches that will be improved using the machinery/equipment before they can apply for the Football Foundation Grant.

•Applicants will also be required to evidence that users of the machinery have a good understanding of how to use it safely and how to get the best use from it. The Foundation therefore requires a minimum of two members of the organisation to complete the Grounds Management Association (GMA)’s online Level 1 Football Grounds Maintenance course. This short course from the Grounds Management Association costs £42 and the certificate of completion will need to be submitted to the Foundation prior to the release of any grant. You can register here.

•If successful with your application the Football Foundation expect your equipment to be covered by suitable insurance and securely stored when not in use. It should be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and they request that it’s only used by suitably trained operators.

•Pre-owned machinery can be considered providing two like-for-like quotes are provided and it's purchased from a reputable dealer and comes with a minimum 12-month warranty.

How much can we get?
The Foundation will award a maximum grant of £50,000 that doesn't exceed 75% of the total project costs. Where a grant of over £50,000 or 75% of total project costs is required, the applicant should contact their County FA

Disclaimer: The details on this blog may be changed by the Football Foundation at any time so keep an eye on their website.

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When it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn, the correct ride-on mower can make all the difference. At a glance, Stiga's 3 ride-on mower models may look similar, but they each come with unique specifications and features that differentiate them.

STIGA Combi: Compact & Versatile
The main factor of the Combi that differs from other ride-ons is its compact design which allows it to navigate in tight spaces with ease, making it suitable for smaller lawns and gardens.

Cutting Width: It also offers a moderate cutting width, making quick work of mowing tasks while ensuring precision.

Mulching Capabilities: The Combi has a 150 litre grass collector and can mulch grass clippings, returning nutrients to your lawn and reducing the need for disposal.

Efficient Engine: Equipped with a reliable STIGA engine, it offers the necessary power for efficient cutting.

Operational Efficiency: The Combi has a smooth hydrostatic transmission which is a gear-free system that uses hydraulic pumps to control the velocity and direction of the ride-on. This makes it easier for you as the operator to use as you simply press the pedal, the harder the pedal is pressed, the faster the vehicle moves.

Comfort Factor: Combi and comfort go hand-in-hand with the soft-grip steering wheel and egonomic seat design - every aspect has been thought of with the operator in mind.

STIGA Tornado: Reliable and Powerful

The STIGA Tornado is a step up in terms of power and performance - making it best suited to tackling bigger jobs. It's key attributes are as follows:

Robust Engine: It comes with a powerdul STIGA engine that can handle tougher grass and challenging terrain.

Long Lasting Resistance and Durability: The Tornado Ride-on mower has a cast iron front axle which maintains its sturdiness and longevity.

Mulching and Collection Options: The STIGA Tornado offers both grass collection and mulching capabilities, giving you flexibility in how you manage your grass clippings.

Increase Cutting Width: The Tornado boasts a wider cutting width, making it suitable for larger lawns and more extensive mowing tasks.


The STIGA Estate is the pinnacle of STIGA's ride-on mower range, offering premium features as well as performance. The main factors that set this model apart are the following:

Large Cutting Deck: The Estate features a generous cutting deck, making it suitable for extensive lawns and professional use.

Double the Power: Both the 598W and the 5098HW Estates offer a twin-cylinder engine and a twin-blade cutter deck highlihgting its capacity to easily cope with tougher work.

Unique Features: The deck is equipped with a wash nozze which gets rid of the build-up of dead grass on the underside of the deck which prevents and limit on performance and corrosion.

High-Performance Engine: The STIGA Estate is equipped with a robust STIGA engine, ensuring exceptional cutting power and efficiency.

Deciding on the most suitable STIGA ride-on depends on your lawn size, terrain and desired features. If you require further assistance in choosing the right STIGA ride-on, you can call us on 01260 278332 or alternatively, email us at

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Zero-turn mowers are ride on lawn mowers with a zero-degree turning radius that is operated by 2 steering levers opposed to a steering wheel. These mowers are powerful, functional, and maneuverable, making them capable of taking on almost every kind of lawn. They're a popular choice for commercial and domestic use, when a medium-large cutting area is involved.

Ariens Zero-turn mowers all mow without a collection bag, a strong advantage of this is the speed it allows the mower to ride at, as well as meaning you don't have to continuously empty a collection bag. Depending on the area you're cutting, you have the option of side discharge, side discharge with mulch kit or rear discharge.

Cutter Deck Options:

Side Discharge
A Side discharge cutter deck gives you flexibility as an optional mulching kit can be fitted. Side discharge allows for very strong airflow to allow the machine to cut fine grass and well-tredden lawns perfectly, at the highest mowing speed. It also allows the clippings to be ejected to the side and therefore, distributed over a larger area, giving good visual results. The side discharge cutter deck especially copes very well with overgrown lawns without clogging up.

Rear Discharge
A rear discharge cutter deck is a robust deck that is a great option if the machine is used for everyday use. This deck will cut thin and well-trodden lawns and will distribute the clippings the full width of the cutter deck, and will give very good visual results with fine to medium grass thickness. Rear discharge copes well with overgrown lawns without clogging up, and allows closer to the edge of obstacles, to be mowed.

Mulch Kit
A mulching kit is an optional addition to all side discharge cutter decks, it provides a very even cutting pattern on low to medium height turf. A mulch kit allows for clippings to be chopped up finer and evenly distributed into the lawn, over the full width of the cutter deck. A visually appealing cutting pattern is created when a mulch kit is used, as the clippings dissapear almost invisibly into the lawn. There are various benefits of mulching, their main ones include that it keeps moisture and fertiliser in the lawn, protects the lawn from drying out and reduces the need for fertiliser by approximately 30%

Advantages of a Zero-Turn:

MOW FASTER - You can turn on the spot, allow for seamless continuation from the last cutting pass, they are very precise driving around obstacles and effective mowing saving time and fuel. A Zero-Turn mower is approximately 40% faster than a standard lawn tractor.

INCREASED COMFORT - Zero-turns have greater legroom, more comfortable seats for the operator and smooth operating features. Ariens Zero-Turns are equipped with a thick padded seat and arm rests with a high back rest, they also have adjustable positioning.

LONGER LIFESPAN - Their high quality steel frames and cutter decks, robust hydrostatic transmissions and premium quality engines ensure that Ariens Zero-Turns have a long life.

ENJOYABLE - The fast speed and maneuverability of Zero-Turn mowers and the fact that you don't need to dispose of cuttings, allow you more time for other activities.

Here at Congleton Garden Machinery Ltd, we have various Ariens Zero-Turn in stock and ready to go!

You can call us on 01260 278332 or alternatively, email us on

Ariens Zero-Turn Mowers - BUY from Cheshire's Top Ariens Dealer

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Having the correct equipment to maintain a medium to large lawn can make all the difference. Allett mowers offer exceptional options tailored to specific needs of home lawn enthusiasts, in particular the Allett Stirling and Liberty Models are 2 extraodinary options, although they both have distinctive features that cater to different preferences and requirements.

Allett Liberty 43
The Allett Liberty 43 is designed to offer versataile performance with the convenience of batter-powered operation. Equipped with a 6-blade cutting cylinder and powered by a 40v Litium-Ion Battery, this specfific model delivers precise mowing with infinitely variable micro-cutting height adjustment, ranging from 6mm to 32mm. This mower is also compatible with all cartridges in the Allett range, which makes it suitable for most lawn care tasts.

Key Features of Allett Liberty 43

  • Quick cartridge change system for seamless transition between different lawn care tasks without the need to remove belts (Approx 2 minutes so not as quick as the Stirling).
  • Incremental height of cut change from 6mm-32mm (numbered system- no guide).
  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable design, weighing just 38.5kg without a battery, ensuring easy handling around the garden.
  • Double section rear roller with geared differential for smooth turns without damaging the grass surface ensuring uniform striping.
  • Push-button start for hassle-free operation eliminating the need for strenuous pull cords.
  • Quiet operation with noise levels as low as 92dB, enabling mowing even during evening hours without disturbing neighbours.
  • Option of 40v 4Ah or 6Ah Greenworks batteries.
  • Use the 40v batteries in other Greenworks lawncare tools e.g. leaf blowers, edgers, chainsaws etc
  • 62L Polypropylene grass box- robust, in-built handle- can be harder to empty due to the lip.

Allett Stirling
The Allett Stirling is the pinnacle of professional-grade lawn maintenance equipment. Engineered with precision and robustness in mind, the Stirling is equipped with the Allett UC Cartridge system, which offers professional level of cultivation and clean-up tasks. Powered by the EGO 56V battery system with 'Keep Cool' technology, the Stirling boasts a seperate powerful electric motor for mowing and cultivation cartridges ensuring unmatched comfort and control. If you've got an unlimited budget, this is the mower for you!

Key Features of Allett Stirling

  • Ultra-Quick cartridge change system for seamless transition between mowing and cultivation tasks, requiring no tools and taking less than 15 seconds.
  • Push button start - no pulling of engine cords
  • HiteRite™ height of cut selection for micro-adjustment with a clear scale, providing precise control over cultivation depth. Deeper cultivation than the Liberty 43. Cut as low as 3-4mm and as high as 50mm with the Allett Stirling and 10 blade cylinder.
  • Ergonomically designed handlebars for superior comfort during extended use, featuring RotoShift™ control for effortless speed adjustment. The RotoShift is great for when you are scarifying and you can slow the forward speed of the mower right down. The handlebars have three different height adjustments as well as three different angle adjustments.
  • Thicker, more rigid bottom blade SureBlade™ system for easier and more accurate blade setting, coupled with a quiet electrical system for minimal noise disruption.
  • GlideDrive™ system for effortless pulling without resistance from driving the motor enhancing manoeuvrability. Perfect for mowing into corners of the lawn and pulling the mower backwards easily.
  • Options of 56v 5Ah, 7.5Ah, 10 Ah and 12Ah Ego batteries. Use the 56v battery in other EGO tools.
  • 62L Mesh grass bag which is lighter to carry and easier to empty- optimised air flow also for better fill.
  • Weights- Stirling 43- 53kg including 6 blade cartridge, battery and grassbag. Stirling 51: 57kg including 6 blade cartridge, battery and grassbag. This weight helps with the definition of the stripe.

In summary, both the Allett Stirling and Allett Liberty 43 offer exceptional performance and convenience for home lawn enthusiasts. If you already have the Ego Batteries for your current lawncare tool, that may be the decision maker. However, if you want to cultivate deeper, then the Stirling will allow you to do this and create a more professional finish to your lawn.

Ultimately, the decision depends on preferance, lawn size and desired level of performance.

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Used Mini Excavators


Here at Congleton Garden Machinery, we have a large range of mini diggers for sale. Mini Excavators are perfect for landscaping tasks and construction projects of all sizes - we have the perfect fit for the job at hand! Although stock levels fluctate, the most common brands that we have, although is not limited to, are Caterpillar, JCB, Komatsu, Kubota and Hitachi, with full cab and ROPS types available.

Why Choose a Mini Digger Over a Full-Sized Digger?

Although a full-sized digger can provide you with unrivalled excavation power, unless you're building and excavating on an industrial level, you're likely to be paying for non-required power.  The benefits of using, mini diggers and excavators are vast and varied, the size and convenience of mini diggers makes them suitable for almost every possible excavation job. Micro Diggers allow access to the smallest spaces, meaning a lot easier to drive the machine through alleyways and gateways to be easily used in the garden. As well as their much easier operation compared to large diggers, their noise levels are also majorly reduced making them ideal for residential areas where disruption needs to be kept to a minimum. Trailers are also available alongside our Mini-Diggers as a package deal.

Nationwide delivery can be arranged at competitive rates, finance can also be arranged hassle free. For machine enquiries, please call us on 01260 278332 or alternatively, email us at

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Congleton Garden Machinery Ltd are now proud AS Motor Dealers!

AS Motors was founded in Southern Germany in 1959 and they are especially known for their exceptional quality and performance in extreme conditions, such as inclines, reaching 35 degrees, in high grass and dense scrub. Their machines are made in Germany and sold internationally, in a total of 35 different countries.

AS Motor can provide professional tools for the efficient maintenance of all kinds of athletic facilities, for commercial landscaping and more! Whether managing green areas around stadiums, car parks, embankments or rough golf courses, AS Motor have a range of options for the professional maintenance of all facilities as their machines deliver the cutting performance, outstanding results and high work rates that commercial landscapers require from their professional tools.

Private gardens or ornamental lawns, commercial landscaping is the conservation of green spaces, where work results are most important. AS-Motor can provide professional technology needed to deliver uniform cutting results, even on challenging terrain. These machines maximise efficiency as well as operator safety. Machines include, but are not limited to ride ons, flail mowers, weed removers and high grass mowers, some models include remote control capabilities.

You can browse our AS Motor products here:
or alternatively, call us on 01260 278332.

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Common Tractor Terms and Acronyms

Common Tractor Terms and Acronyms

Common Tractor Terms and Acronyms:

Tractors are essential machines in the agricultural industry, and understanding the terminology and acronyms associated with them can be helpful. Here are some common tractor terms and acronyms:

  • 3-Point Hitch (3PT): The 3-point hitch is used to attach rear-mounted implements and attachments to your compact tractor. It consists of two lift arms and one top link where pins attach the implements.
  • Chassis: The framework that supports the tractor frame and all its other components. Basically the body of the tractor.
  • Drawbar: A bar on the rear of the tractor used for towing things like trailers and other attachments..
  • Horsepower (HP): Horsepower is a unit of measurement used to quantify the power output of a tractor's engine. It indicates the amount of work the engine can perform over time. The higher the horsepower the more powerful the machine and the more tasks it can perform.
  • Hydrostatic Transmission: Offers variable speeds and can be controlled with the use of a foot pedal. It uses hydraulic fluid to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. It offers smooth and precise control, making it easier to operate the tractor.
  • Mechanical Transmission: A manual driven transmission that offers variable speeds with the use of shifting gears manually.
  • Implements: A wide variety of tools that can be attached to tractors in various ways allow it to perform a wide variety of tasks.
  • Loader: The front-end loader operates like a large shovel with the tractor’s power and weight behind it. It can be raised, lowered, and tilted forward and backward hydraulically. A quick-attach design allows you to get your loader on and off quickly. Most loaders come with buckets, however one can also attach things like bale spears, pallet forks, and grapples.
  • Powertrain: The Powertrain transfers the power from the engine to the drive wheels and power take off (PTO). Main functions include selecting speed ratios, balancing the power to drive wheels for turning, and allowing the tractor to reverse.
  • PTO (Power Take Off): Refers to the mechanism on a tractor that transfers power from the engine to other implements or attachments. It allows the tractor to power external equipment.
  • Quick Hitch: The quick hitch attaches to the tractor 3-point hitch allowing the operator to easily hook onto implements.
  • Synchro-Shuttle: Allows for the shifting of gears on the move without the gears grinding.
  • Transmission: A system of gears that determines the speed and direction of a tractor.
  • Revolutions Per Minute (RPM): A measure of how fast the engine crankshaft rotates. It indicates the speed at which the engine is operating. It is often used to describe the speed at which the PTO operates.
  • Four-Wheel Drive (FWD): Four-wheel drive tractors have power delivered to all four wheels, providing increased traction and pulling power. This feature is particularly useful in challenging terrain or when working with heavy loads.
  • Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS): A safety feature designed to protect the operator in the event of a tractor rollover. It consists of a reinforced frame or structure that provides a protective zone around the operator's seat.
  • Mechanical Front-Wheel Drive (MFWD): Tractors with MFWD have power delivered to both the front and rear wheels, providing enhanced traction and stability. This feature is especially beneficial in slippery or uneven conditions.
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): A type of transmission that allows for seamless and infinite gear ratio changes. It provides smooth acceleration and optimal power delivery, improving fuel efficiency and overall performance.

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Tips for choosing the right compact tractor | Buy a Solis Tractor

Untitled Document

Tips for choosing the right compact tractor.

We all know that choosing the right machine for the job is an important decision. When choosing a small compact tractor, there are several factors to consider. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

Determine your needs: Assess the specific tasks you need the tractor to perform. Consider the size of your property, the type of terrain, and the specific farming tasks you need to accomplish. Your property may include pastures or lawns, large cultivated acres, long gravel driveways, or fenced livestock areas with tough to manage spaces.

Horsepower: The horsepower of the tractor will determine its capability to handle different tasks. Consider the power requirements of the implements you plan to use and choose a tractor with sufficient horsepower to handle them effectively. Horsepower is critical. Buying the right tractor with the right amount of horsepower and features the first time can result in savings over the long run. Think about your needs so that the tractor and equipment can grow with you as your needs grow.

Size and maneuverability: How many acres do you own? Compact tractors are designed to be smaller and more maneuverable than larger models. Consider the size of your property and the space available for maneuvering the tractor. Ensure that the tractor can easily navigate through narrow spaces and tight corners.

Attachments and implements: Consider what implements, attachments or accessories you will require foe the task at hand - flail mowers, tractor hedgecutters, rotovators, tipping trailers, back hoes, log splitters, salt spreaders, tillers, backhoes and so much more...

Comfort and ergonomics: Consider the comfort and ergonomics of the tractor, especially if you will be spending long hours operating it. Look for features such as adjustable seats, easy-to-reach controls, and a comfortable operator station. Can you operate the tractor? Thinking about your your level of experience will allow you to make an informed decision, taking things into consideration like - tractor size, which transmission to consider(gear drive, hydrostatic or shuttle), and control configuration amongst other things.

Maintenance and support: Research the availability of service and support for the tractor brand and model you are considering. Look for a reputable dealer who can provide maintenance, repairs, and spare parts when needed.

By considering these tips, you can choose a small compact tractor that meets your specific farming needs and tasks.

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