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Berg Basic Red Kids Pedal Go-Kart
BERG's Classic Go-Kart is now also available in red. This cool BERG Basic Red BFR has a sturdy frame..
Berg Buddy Orange Kids Pedal Go-Kart
With this tough orange go-kart playing outdoors is even nicer! For years you’ll have the greatest ad..
Berg Buddy White Kids Pedal Go-Kart (Pink Go-Kart)
Experience just how great it is to play outdoors on your own white/pink go-kart. You’ll have years o..
Berg Buzzy Fiat 500 Kids Pedal Go-Kart
For toddlers, the BERG Buzzy is now available under licence from the Fiat 500! See how they effortle..
Berg Buzzy John Deere Kids Pedal Go-Kart
The best tractor for children from the age of 2: the Buzzy John Deere! All the functionality and uni..
Berg Buzzy Kids Pedal Go-Kart
Get your first pedal experience on a Berg Buzzy. This super cool yellow sensation on four wheels is ..
Berg Buzzy Nitro Kids Pedal Go-Kart
Berg Buzzy Nitro Kids Pedal Go-Kart Comes in Box needs building up.The BERG Buzzy Nitro has a specta..
Berg Compact Sport BFR Kids Pedal Go-Kart
Its size makes this go-kart fast and agile and you can drive up and down any path easily. All BERG C..
Berg Rally Orange Kids Pedal Go-Kart
The BERG Rally Orange is a light and compact go-kart you can play with anywhere outdoors. Explore yo..
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