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HAE (Hire Association Europe) - Mowersplus becomes an Official Member

Congleton Garden Machinery becomes a Member of the HAE (Hire Association Europe).

The HAE are the industry-leading trade association for the plant and tool hire sector. We serve over 900 members across the world, providing insurance services, legal advice, training, publicity, safety checks, leaflets, lobbying and much more!

HAE is a Birmingham-based industry-leading trade body representing plant, tool and equipment hire with a membership base of 800 members based in the UK, Europe and across other parts of the world.

HAE assists businesses, from sole traders to larger independent and privately owned organisations, by providing operational resources to support the hire industry. 

Membership provides access to products and services covering all aspects of hire, including terms & conditions, safety checks, publicity, equipment, responsibilities and general day-to-day requirements. Accompanying services include legal advice, training, publicity, safety checks, leaflets, lobbying and finance advice.

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Which STIHL IMow for you?

We all want more time to relax in our busy lives – but we all want a picture perfect garden. So why not let iMow, the robotic mower from STIHL, take care of your lawn.

The iMow robotic mower is designed to maintain your garden and provide it with the care it deserves – all whilst being uniquely tailored to your garden to leave you with a lush green lawn.

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All NEW 2019 Polaris Ranger Diesel 1000

Polaris has introduced the all-new RANGER Diesel for 2019, developed specifically for markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Debuting in dealerships this spring, the new RANGER Diesel redefines refinement with the introduction of a brand-new diesel engine and updated chassis, along with superior levels of comfort, handling and driving capabilities that make it even more durable, dependable and capable.

Rodrigo Lourenco, Vice President and General Manager of Polaris Off-Road Vehicles EMEA, said: “We’re very excited to launch the new RANGER Diesel this year. We’ve taken the proven attributes of the existing RANGER Diesel model and upgraded almost every aspect so it’s tougher, more reliable and can tackle anything thrown its way. It’s the result of two years of research and development, fuelled by direct customer feedback and in-depth usage analysis; with a new engine and a new chassis, it is built for hard work.”

33cm Ground Clearance. 24.8HP. 27" Tyres. 27.9cm Usable Travel.
The new RANGER Diesel is tougher and more reliable than ever.


• 140 Amps Charging System
• 65 kmph Top Speed
• 1134kg Towing Capacity
• 720kg Payload Capacity
• 2.5cm DEEPER BOX
• 43.5 L
• True On-Demand AWD


• NEW! Digital Gauge
• Thicker Seat Cushioning - Added 2.5 cm of padding
• More Leg Room for Getting In/Out
• 17% More Storage - 2 Glove Boxes and 6 Cup Holders
• Flip-Up Passenger Seat

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Countax Powered Scarifier


Countax tractors are the ideal choice for performing many year-round garden chores as they are able to host a large range of attachments.

These include powered attachments which use the tractor’s power take-off.

Running off the tractor's PTO the powered scarifier is a must for an even healthier lawn, which should be scarified at least twice a year.

Its spinning tines remove thatch and moss from the lawn, allowing the grass plant to recover, improving the overall condition of the lawn.

The scarifier has fully adjustable height control and covers 76cm (30") width of lawn.

It's as fast as mowing and you can then collect the moss and thatch with your powered grass collector.

Powered directly by the engine, the Countax Scarifier fits neatly in place of the grass collector.

The Countax Scarifier certainly makes the Countax a very attractive garden tractors for someone who wants a machine with multiple functions.


Height control - Manual.
30" (76cm) working width.
Fits various models of Countax.

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Sonalika Tractors - Solis Tractors


Sonalika International was founded in 1969, since then it has concentrated on developing reliable, cost-effective & very functional tractors not only for the Indian market but Worldwide.

Jump 27 years ahead to 1996 that is when it set up its Hosiarpur plant in Punjab.
This was also the year it assembled it's first tractor.

2005 it teamed up with Yanmar of Japan
. It also launched it's first Compact Tractor. By now it's market share had grown considerabbly and it was trading in 35 Countries.

Jump another 5 years ahead and in 2010 Sonalika now launches it's RX, Worldtrac and Gardentrac Series of Tractors.

In 2013 it inaugurates it's new hi-tech plant and it also launches it's Air-conditioned Cab tractors.

By now Solis is experiencing exponential growth and it becomes India's 3 Largest Tractor Manufacturer. It's hi-tech manufacturing plant now has the capacity to produce 300,000 tractors per annum.

2017 broke more barriers for Sonalika it now exports 800,000 tractors to 90 Countries worldwide and it's customer base hits 750,000 worldwide.

What does 2018 hold for Sonalika? More developments, new models, more innovation. But more than any else it hopes to expand it's customer base and brand to make it a true force in the Farming industry.

Dont just take our word for it. It's now nearly half a century since its foundation. Sonalika is growing from strength to strength. If you haven't heard about them before, isnt it time you started to pay attention.

Dont miss the ride join us on our journey! Become a part of the Solis Family!

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Countax Yellow Sweeper Brushes - Countax Parts - Countax Spares


The weather is damp & wet out there. Who says you should let the grass get the better of you.

Countax Garden Tractors will cut & collect in the wet!

The yellow sweeper brushes work to get the clippings into the Powered Grass Collector.

Looking for Countax Parts? Countax Spares? Countax Accessories? Call Mowersplus now on 01260 278332.
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Countax Garden Tractor User Manuals


Looking for a Countax User Manual?

Why not browse our range of Countax Owners Handbooks & Manuals here -

Please Click the respective links below:

Countax E36 Spec Sheet

Westwood Garden Lawn Tractor Operators Manual October 2014 Issue

Countax Powered Lawn Scarifier Owners Handbook

Countax Powered Lawn Scarifier Operators Manual 2015

Countax Diesel D1850 Garden Tractor Operators Manual v1.1

Countax C Series Operators Manual 2009

Countax C Series Garden Tractor Owners Handbook

Countax C and A Series Garden Tractors Operators Manual

Countax A2050 Garden Tractor Operators Manual

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