Winton Hydraulic Offset Flail Mower WHF145
Brands: Winton
Product Code: WHF145


Winton Hydraulic Offset Flail Mowers.

Ideal for Smallholdings & Sports Fields.
The heavy hammer blades are perfect for cutting the tough longer grass in pasture and paddock areas and then leaving a finer cut shorter grass on lawns.

Overgrown fields.
Gives a Lawn Quality Finish.
Ideal for Weed Control.

These flail mowers share the same specifications as the WFL range with the addition of the ability to offset the flail mower. This is achieved through the built in hydraulics of the tractor and enables movement of the mower to extend into hard to reach areas.

PTO shaft is included and the flail mower has a convenient holder on the linkage for this. The support stand is simple to unpin and use when storing the mower when it is not use.

Adjustable cutting height, using both the skids and rear roller.
Has a standard 3 point linkage, suitable for most compact and medium sized tractors.

Requires 1 double acting hydraulic spool to operate.
Hydraulic offset A-frame as standard.
Upgraded bearings for smoother action.
Spirally arranged blades for an efficient cut.


Model: WHF145
HP Range: 28-45
Weight (kg): 352
Dimensions: 80x165x90 cm
Working Width (cm): 140
Blade Type: Hammer Blade
Number of Blades: 24
Linkage Type: 3 Point Hitch, Cat 1

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