Mountfield MT 48 Li 48V Battery Loop Handle Grass Trimmer
£149.00 £248.00
Brands: Mountfield
Product Code: MT 48 Li


This is an EX-DEMO 2018 model it comes with a 4AH Battery.

It also comes with a 2 Year Warranty.

Chrager has to be bought separetely at a cost of £39 inc. VAT

The MT48Li cordless grass trimmer and lawn edger. Use with either the 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah 48 volt lithium-Ion battery (available separately)

- Lightweight and ergonomic design for comfortable use
- Easy push button start
- Rotating head with guide wheel for trimming edges
- Automatic line feed head
- Up to 40 minutes typical run time (4.0Ah Battery)
- Battery and charger not included

The Mountfield MT48Li 48V grass trimmer and edger is perfect for jobs around your garden. It's versatile and easy to use and you'll have no bother of a mains cable snagging in plants or furniture.

Lightweight and ergonomic, with easily adjustable head angle and front handle position, this tool will suit all gardeners.

Simple to start, you will get up to 40 minutes trimming time with the 4Ah battery fitted - more than enough for most gardens. The auto feed head and line knife keep the working width at a convenient 12 inches. Simply stop and restart the trimmer to automatically feed out more line.

For trimming borders and lawn verges, just press the button to rotate the head through 45 degrees. The guide wheel will help you achieve a clean cut and beautiful finish every time.

The Mountfield MT48Li grass trimmer and edger, part of the Mountfield Freedom48 range. One powerful 48V battery, multiple garden tools.

Engine Brand- Mountfield
Engine Type- Electric motor
Engine Capacity- 250W
Net Power Output- 48V-4Ah DC
Handle- Loop
Weight- 3kg

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