Brushcutters & Strimmers
Mowersplus stock an ever-changing range of secondhand brushcutters and used brushcutters. We also stock secondhand strimmers and used strimmers.

When to choose a brushcutter?

A brush cutter is used for clearing grass, small bushes and undergrowth. Brushcutters are more robust and stronger than grass trimmers.

Brushcutters come with a range of engine sizes, the denser the vegetation you have to clear, the more powerful the machine you need. With the right accessories, you can use the same machine for trimming grass, clearing undergrowth and shrubs as well as thinning out smaller trees. Some brushcutters can be fitted with longer shafts to increase their working range.

Brushcutters and grass trimmers differ similarly to the ways that chainsaws do and they can be used in a variety of locations, from back gardens and verges, to paddocks, hedgerows and forestry sites, again the demand for a machine depends on your needs.

Engine Power - As you move up the range, more powerful engines are used, more power means the operator will be able to use heavier duty cutting heads.
Bent Shaft - Small bent shaft models are lightweight and easy to use, designed for grass trimming they are an ideal tool for garden use.
Straight Shaft - Most of these machines offer more uses with a wider range of cutting heads and engines available.
Cutting Heads - A range of attachments are available for different uses.
Nylon Line - This is commonly used on all types of trimmer for grass and softer plants or weeds.
Metal Blades - These are the heaviest duty heads available used solely on straight shaft machines for tackling denser bush.

Brushcutters are available with two different handles available.

Loop Handle - This is a small D shape handle fixed tight to the shaft of the trimmer, good for operating in tight spaces and where accuracy is important.
Bike Handle - These give a wider grip on the machine, allowing for a smoother, sweeping motion, perfect for areas of open ground such as lawns and paddocks. They also provide a stronger grip so are more suitable when using metal blades.

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