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Swift Cordless Battery Blower EB430D2 (Includes Battery & Charger)
A lightweight and powerful cordless batery powered blower.The Swift EB430D2 blower has an air volume..
Swift Cordless Battery Chainsaw EB212D2 (Includes Battery & Charger)
The Swift Cordless Chainsaw boasts a powerful DC motor that enables easy cutting through branches an..
Swift Cordless Battery Grass Trimmer EB310D2 (Includes Battery & Charger)
The Swift EB310D2 cordless grass trimmer has a 25cm cutting width using durable nylon blades, that..
Swift Cordless Battery Hedgetrimmer EB518D2 (Includes Battery & Charger)
The Swift EB518D2 Cordless Hedgetrimmer is powerful and comfortable to use.The EB518D2 hedge cutter..
Swift Cordless Battery Lawn Mower 32cm wide EB132C2 (Includes Battery & Charger)
The Swift cordless battery mower technology draws on the highest quality cells that allow cutting ar..
Swift Cordless Battery Lawn Mower 37cm wide EB137C2 (Includes Battery & Charger)
A leading-edge digital sensor adjusts the amount of power the mower uses depending on the grass, t..
Swift Cordless Battery Long Reach Hedgetrimmer EB918D2 (Includes Battery & Charger)
The Swift EB918D2 Cordless Long Reach Hedge Trimmer is powerful and comfortable to use.The EB918D2 ..
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