Stihl MS 291 Chainsaw, 45cm/18", 26RM - (1141 200 0336)
£708.90 £834.00
Brand: Stihl
Model: MS 291
SKU: 1141 200 0336


STIHL MS 291 petrol chainsaw | STIHL MS 291 chainsaw | STIHL MS 291 18" bar Chainsaw

Update on STIHL's Chainsaw Online Selling Policy &  to download the STIHL Chainsaw Safety Manual. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW.

Durable 2.8kW petrol chainsaw is a practical all-rounder for farmers, landscapers and gardeners. With the economical 2-MIX engine, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 20% and emissions are cut by up to 50%. Featuring STIHL's long-life air filter system with pre-separation and professional anti-vibration technology, the MS 291 sets a new standard for this type of saw.

Standard features

Reduced-emission engine technology.
Advanced combustion technology.
Anti-vibration system.
Pre-separation air filtration system.
Single-lever master control.
Side chain tensioner.
Ematic chain lubrication system.
Tool free filler caps.


  • Cylinder Displacement: 56cm³
  • Power Output: 4.1 hp / 3.0 kW
  • Weight Excluding Fuel, Guide Bar and Chain: 5.6 kg
  • Weight to Power Ratio: 2.0 kg / kW
  • Oilomatic Saw Chain Pitch: 3/8"
  • Oilomatic Saw Chain Type: Rapid Micro
  • AntiVibration System: Standard
  • Side Mounted Chain Tensioning: Standard
  • Chain Quick Tensioning: N/A
  • QuickStop Super Chain Brake: N/A
  • Manual Fuel Pump: N/A
  • Decompression Valve: N/A
  • ElastoStart: Retrofittable
  • ErgoStart: N/A
  • Compensator: Standard
  • Long-Life Air Filter System: N/A
  • Tool-Free Tank Top: Standard
  • Catalytic Converter: N/A
  • Intelligent Engine Management: N/A
  • Vibrations Left Handle: 4.6 m/s²
  • Vibrations Right Handle: 5.7 m/s²

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