Stihl Battery-Operated Toy Chainsaw
Brand: Stihl
Model: 0464 934 0000


The ideal toy for the budding tree surgeon or lumberjack is this very realistic Stihl children's chainsaw.

Just one pull of the recoil handle and the engine roars in to action with a very realistic sound. Tweaking the throttle lever and you are able to make the engine rev up and the plastic chain starts turning, giving it the real look and feel of a powerful chainsaw.

For those of us who don’t want to be troubled by a noisy chainsaw at work just adjust the sound control knob to lower or increase the sound, this is located at the rear of the chainsaw.

Battery operated, this chain saw will provide you with hours of play fun and entertainment.

The cutting bar length is 185mm and the overall length is 40cm.
Comes complete with batteries and bar cover.

Part Ref – 0464 934 0000

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