Stihl ADVANCE Base Layer Trousers/Leggings
Brand: Stihl
Model: ADVANCE Base Layer Trousers/Leggings
SKU: ADVANCE Base Layer Trousers/Leggings


Specifically designed for outdoor work and with seamless sewn-in areas for protection and optimum body temperature. Very good moisture-handling and quick-drying properties thanks to different waterproof or water absorbing materials on the inside and outside. Long-lasting with silver ions that neutralise odours. Fitted base layer. The rear leg area and seat have a heat-trapping functional area. A ribbed structure gives padding on the knees and shins. With chainsaw motif.

Cold protection
This material is particularly suitable in winter, because it dries quickly and keeps you well insulated. Our functional clothing can be worn as under or outerwear, depending on the temperature.

Reinforced fabric
Cushions and protects the high stress areas such as knees and elbows.

Full stretch
Elastic material provides comfort and freedom of movement.



Size Chart

Size       Order Number

S             00008885948

M           00008885952

L            00008885956

XL          00008885960

XXL       00008885964

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