Stiga SBT 4080 AE 4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
£239.00 £269.00
Brands: Stiga
Product Code: SBT 4080 AE


Stiga SBT 4080 AE 4Ah Lithium-Ion Battery

At the heart of the Stiga Voltage80 range, are our class-leading 80V Lithium-Ion Batteries. With lightweight, high performance cells delivering long running times, they have no memory effect - so the power doesn't fade in use - allowing you to work over long periods, just as you would with a petrol-powered tool.

With low running costs - typically less than 10% of the cost of using the equivalant petrol-powered machine, the batteries are extremely efficient and cost effective. This is our 4Ah capacity battery. Recharge time is 60 minutes. There is also a smaller 2.5Ah and a larger 5Ah battery available.

The battery charger is not includedin the price; this can be purchased separately.

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