Mountfield 1640H Lawn Tractor

Mountfield 1640H Lawn Tractor

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This is a 2013 machine. Very good condition.

This is a Hydrostatic Drive Garden Tractor. It is powered by Mountfield's own 750 engine whihc is 452cc.

It has 7 deck height settings. The deck is twin-bladed and has caster wheels.

It has a comfortable seat with very accessible controls.

It also has an electro-magnetic blade engagement.

The 1640H lawn tractor has a 452cc Mountfield engine and hydrostatic transmission. A 102cm working width cutting deck provides 7 heights of cut from 25-80mm. Quality features include electromagnetic blade engagement, an audible alarm for when the catcher is full, a 6 LED dashboard display and a wash facility on the deck. Suitable for gardens up to 3 acres.

A hydrostatic transmission is similar in many ways to the gearbox on an automatic car, forward and reverse speeds are infinitely variable. To move forward you simply press the front section of the pedal, the more firmly you press, the faster you will go. For reverse, press the rear section of the pedal. You can change from forward to reverse instantly so manoeuvrability is fantastic. It is worth noting that once a customer owns a hydrostatic Mountfield tractor they don’t want to go back to a manual version.

Grass cuttings are blown from the twin bladed cutter deck cleanly and efficiently into a large capacity rear mounted collector. An alarm sounds to let you know when the collector is full. This is a valuable feature, there is nothing worse than overfilling the collector and then having to unblock the discharge chute by hand – at least you know when the collector is full on a Mountfield!

Emptying the collector is done from the driving seat; simply pull the dump lever and the collector opens wide emptying out the clippings, you don’t need to get off the tractor at all.

Engaging the cutter deck is simple; just pull the control switch out for “On” and push it in for “Off”. Selecting a suitable height of cut is easy too; a lever located conveniently at the driver’s left hand side has seven preset cutting heights ranging from 25mm to 80mm. No tools are necessary and the cutting height can also be adjusted on the move.

A deck wash facility means keeping the deck clean couldn’t be easier. Simply attach a hose to the snap-on connector, turn on the water and engage the blades. Water blasts around beneath the deck washing it clean - job done!


Starting Method - Electric Key
Engine Brand - Mountfield
Engine Type - Series 7750 OHV
Engine Capacity - 452cc
Net Power Output - 7.9kw @ 2600rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity - 4.5 Litre
Transmission - Hydrostatic & Reverse
DriveRear - Wheel
Turning Circle - 175cm
Wheels - Front 15" Rear 18"
Max Speed - 8.8km/hr

Blade Engagement - Electronic Switch
Cutting Width - 102cm /40"
Cutting Heights - 25-80mm (7 Positions)
Collector - 290 litres
Collector Full Buzzer - Yes

Head Lights - Yes
Parking Brake - Yes
Lawn Size - 2.5 to 3 acres
Dimensions - Length 236cm Width 105cm

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