Ratchet Anvil Pruners (Wilkinson Sword)
£9.99 £14.99
Brand:: Wilkinson Sword
Product Code: 1111168W


The Ratchet Anvil Pruner cutting head is ideal for pruning woody, thick growth, removes branches cleanly and precisely. Anvil pruners close the blade against a softer metal anvil on the lower jaw. The action tends to crush younger stems making these pruners particularly suited to older wood where clean cuts are not as important. Consider the density of the wood you are cutting to avoid strain on the hands and wrists.    

  • High strength nylon fibre construction
  • 3 step ratchet mechanism - making cutting easier
  • Soft grip handle
  • Central catch for left & right handed use
  • High quality SK5 non stick coated blade
  • 22mm cutting capacity


Product code: 1111168W
Weight: 0.130kg
Width: 18mm
Overall length: 180mm
Tool head width: 25mm
Blade length: 50mm
Cutting diameter: 22mm
Non-stick coating - PFTE non stick coated blades
Ratchet - increases leverage without extra effort
Anvil cutting head - Solid block base to help cut through denser and dead wood
SK5 blade - Razor sharp Japanese SK3 steel blade
Safety Lock - Easy open safety catch

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