Kioti WD1260 Low Tip Diesel Ride-on Mower
Brand: Kioti
Model: WD1260
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The Kioti WD1260 The Kioti WD1260 is styled in line with the CS2610 sub compact tractor, instantly giving the machine the very recognisable Kioti look.
This ride-on mower is powered by a Shibaura 26HP Diesel engine, as found in the CS2610 compact tractor.

(This can also be turned into a Mulch Mower - you would require a Mulch Kit - cost for this £288 inc. VAT)

This ride-on mower has a lot of benefits in comparison to others of a similar range across other manufacturers; it has very good access for services and repairs. If required the bonnet can be removed in minutes for even greater access.

Service filters are inter changeable between models. The Kioti WD1260 has twin drive belts from the PTO clutch unit. So if one fails the machine can still function.
The radiator has a removable debris screen to protect against grass ingestion. The battery is mounted under the dash along with the machines fuses and relays.

HST Transmission.

The Kioti WD1260 comes with Hydrostatic transmission. It has twin pedals allowing for greater operator comfort and control. The customised low profile hydrostatic drive system has been designed to allow for a much lower and wider discharge tunnel.

The HST unit has been positioned outside of the frame to improve cooling performance (no oil coolant required); once again Kioti emphasising on ease of access. This design provides better oil and pump life.

Mowing Deck.

- The deep chamber cutting deck is fabricated not stamped.
- It has a 1.2m / 48” cutting width.
- The deck is made of 2.5mm thick steel and has HD reinforcement in the critical areas.
- The deck has HD solid Anti scalp rollers on all four corners.
- It is powered by a Kevlar reinforced belt. Belt driven decks are inexpensive to maintain and can be replaced in the filed, unlike a shaft driven deck which can be expensive to repair in the event of a failure.
- The Kioti WD1260 timed deck also comes with steel pulleys, oversized 1” blade shafts and greasable steel spindle housings.
- The 80mm blades overlap for consistent, clean grass collection.


- It has a steel collection hopper.
- The hopper panels can be unbolted for repair and/or replacement.
- The grass collector works very well achieving a very high 98% filling efficiency.
- The collector has sensors which monitor air flow through the deck and collector for accurate operation.
- The system will automatically shut off the deck PTO once the collector is 90% full, avoiding clogging the collector.
- The operator can briefly over ride the system if needed, by selecting the M (Manual position on the PTO switch). ie. Finishing a small strip of grass before emptying the collector.

Discharge Tunnel.

- As the WD1260 has a low profile hydrostatic drive system, Kioti are able to use a larger discharge tunnel that is lower to the ground. This allows the material to flow through to the collector unimpeded.

Operating Area.

- The simple dash design shows all key machine functions.
- PTO engagement indicator.
- Charge indicator.
- Glow plug light.
- High coolant temperature indicator.
- Parking brake light.
- PTO switches with Auto/Manual selector.
- Hour Meter.
- Fitted with a deluxe seat, making this a very comfortable machine for all day mowing.
- Foldable arm rests.
- Multi point seat adjustment.

Options and Accessories.

- Front Hitch.
- Mulching Kit.
- Rear Diff lock Kit.
- Utility Trailer.
- Snow Blades.
- Front weight kit.

Machine Specifications –

Engine – 26HP
Fuel Capacity – 20Lt
Drive Type – HST
Deck Size – 1220mm
Cutting Height – 20-120mm
Collector capacity – 60Lt

1. Ride-Ons
Engine Brand Shibaura
Cutting Heights (mm) 20-120mm
Lawn Tractor Cutting Width
Cutting Width 48"
Lawn Tractor Grass Bag Size
Grass Bag Capacity (Litres) 600
Lawn Tractor Transmission
Transmission Hydrostatic

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