John Deere CR125 Garden Tractor with 28" Cutter Deck
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Brands: John Deere
Product Code: CR125


This is a secondhand John Deere CR125.

This is a 2008 Model.

Comes complete with Mulch Plug, Handbook and Battery Trickle Charger

A 6.8 kW at 2800 rpm (344cc) engine has plenty of power and torque

  • Cast-iron cylinder ensures excellent sealing and efficient heat dissipation for long life.
  • Overhead valve (OHV) design runs cooler and cleaner - delivering more power, longer engine life and improved fuel economy.
  • Splash lubrication system continuously supplies oil to all internal engine parts.
  • Electronic ignition delivers quick, dependable starts with no maintenance required.
  • Automotive-style dipstick simplifies checking the engine oil.

A 4-L fuel tank is easy to access by simply tilting forward the operator seat to gain access to the filling point.

A conveniently located hydrostatic control lever allows the operator to easily select both direction of travel and speed.

  • Forward speed: 0 – 7.8 km/h (4.8 mph)
  • Reverse speed: 0 – 3.2 km/h (2.0 mph)

The CR125 Automatic Rider features a contoured 71-cm (28-in.) mower deck with 7 height position settings

With a 170-L (44.9-gal.) collection hopper, the black mesh design allows for efficient airflow and, therefore, effective collection.

Emptying the hopper is easily accomplished from the operator’s seat; the operator uses the hopper handle to lift and empty the hopper.

Integrated into the rear of this hopper is a lift handle to allow for emptying when full. When the grass-catcher is full an audible warning is given. This allows the operator to stop forward movement to prevent plugging the collector chute.

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