John Deere R54RVB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower (SHOP SOILED)
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John Deere R54RVB Petrol Self-Propelled Lawnmower (Yamaha engine)

The R54RVB incorporates variable speed drive and a blade brake clutch in addition to a rear roller. The rear roller allows for easier mowing along raised garden borders and also creates that classic striped look on your lawn.

A lightweight textile grass bag has a large capacity for less emptying and a unique bag fill indicator.


Whatever the weather, the proven TurboStar System ensures a precision cut and great collection every time. Even in damp conditions, the air flow generated by the blade draws the grass up straight before cutting; it also removes leaves from your lawn. After cutting, the air vacuum blows the clippings into the collection bag smoothly and efficiently. The TurboStar Fill indicator makes life even easier by alerting you in good time when the bag is almost full.


The mower deck on our Select Series mowers is made of die-cast aluminium, so it can’t rust. It’s surprisingly light – yet so tough and it comes with a 15 year warranty.*

*The 15-year warranty covers private, personal residential use. Terms and conditions apply. See your John Deere dealer for details.

To assist with lifting the lawnmower, a convient carry handle is integrated at the front. Together with a carry handle behind the engine, this makes transportation or particular storage requirements of the lawnmower simple.

The handlebars can be adjusted to different positions to suit varying sizes of operator and allow comfortable operation. It also allows for them to be folded down to assist with storage or transport of the machine.

A well balanced lawnmower, with cast aluminium deck, easy handling and Turbostar collection provide a perfect cut each and every time.

A lightweight textile grass bag has a large capacity for less emptying and a unique bag fill indicator.

A variable speed drive system means the lawnmower is easy to use and no pushing effort is required. A choice of different speed settings allows the operator to select the most comfortable.

For added comfort, a blade brake clutch (BBC) allows you to stop the mowing blade without stopping the engine. This means that there is no need to restart the entire lawnmower each time you empty the collector. Simply re-engage the mowing blade and continue mowing.

Featuring a robust rear roller, the lawnmower creates a perfectly stripped finish for an impressive looking lawn and helps when mowing along raised garden borders.


Recommended Mowing Area: Up to 2500 m²            
Cutting Width: 54cm / 21inchs            
Engine Power: 3,2 kw at 2.800 RPM            
Drive: Variable speed Self-Prop 3,3 -5,0 km/h

Lawnmower Cutting Width
Cutting Width 21"
Lawnmower Drive
Drive System Self-Propelled

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