John Deere D35RE 13.5"/35cm Electric Scarifier
£298.32 £339.60
Brands: John Deere
Product Code: D35RE


Help maintain a healthy lawn using the D35RE to remove moss and thatch. Lightweight yet robust, this machine is perfect for smaller lawn areas.

Steel Blades
Robust steel blades ensure that moss and thatch are removed effectively, allowing the lawn to breath.

Scarifying Depth
Set the level at which you would like to scarify. The lower you select, the more aggressive the machine will work.

Optional Collection Bag
Available as an option, a collection bag means you can easily gather the tatch and moss as you work.

Recommended Mowing Area - Up to 700m²
Mower Cutting Width - 35cm (13.8 in)
Engine Power - 1.6kW
Deck - ABS

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