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Countax Powered Scarifier


Countax tractors are the ideal choice for performing many year-round garden chores as they are able to host a large range of attachments.

These include powered attachments which use the tractor’s power take-off.

Running off the tractor's PTO the powered scarifier is a must for an even healthier lawn, which should be scarified at least twice a year.

Its spinning tines remove thatch and moss from the lawn, allowing the grass plant to recover, improving the overall condition of the lawn.

The scarifier has fully adjustable height control and covers 76cm (30") width of lawn.

It's as fast as mowing and you can then collect the moss and thatch with your powered grass collector.

Powered directly by the engine, the Countax Scarifier fits neatly in place of the grass collector.

The Countax Scarifier certainly makes the Countax a very attractive garden tractors for someone who wants a machine with multiple functions.


Height control - Manual.
30" (76cm) working width.
Fits various models of Countax.

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Countax Yellow Sweeper Brushes - Countax Parts - Countax Spares


The weather is damp & wet out there. Who says you should let the grass get the better of you.

Countax Garden Tractors will cut & collect in the wet!

The yellow sweeper brushes work to get the clippings into the Powered Grass Collector.

Looking for Countax Parts? Countax Spares? Countax Accessories? Call Mowersplus now on 01260 278332.
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Countax Garden Tractor User Manuals


Looking for a Countax User Manual?

Why not browse our range of Countax Owners Handbooks & Manuals here -

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Countax C Series Garden Tractor Owners Handbook

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