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Polaris RZR 170 Children's 2 Seater Quad Bike

Get ready for some serious fun. The RZR 170 is a great way to introduce your children to driving off road. The RZR 170 has an aggressive, racing appearance, ideal for those kids you want to travel in style.

Bring your friend along... the 2 Seater kids Polaris RZR is a high performance machine with plenty of speed and power, likened to youth models from other top-quality manufacturers such as Yamaha and Can-Am.  Yet, it is very safe with seat-belts, a protective roll cage, wide base for stability, and parent-controlled speed restrictors.


The RZR 170 EFI is fun and reliable. Just as they do with every other segment, Polaris did a great job filling the need of a youth utility vehicle (UTV) so everyone in the family can enjoy this great sport. The segment is growing rapidly as more realise the hours of entertainment that can be had with one of these bikes.

The RZR 170 EFI is a youth vehicle that is tailor-made to tackle the trails for riders 10 years of age and up.

New riders and parents will be pleasantly surprised to know that CGM - mowerplus in conjunction with Polaris are offering the RZR 170 with two youth helmets, an instructional DVD and a racing flag.

6 inches of ground clearance and 5 inches of suspension travel ensure that this RZR has plenty of movement for many different terrains. The swingarm rear suspension is controlled with two shocks.

The interior features a tilt steering wheel and adjustable seat to ensure the driver stays comfortable and confident out on the trail. A parental speed limiter allows the adults to make sure that speeds are kept in check. The well-built rollcage also offers that extra protection - as we know kids safety is paramount.


The small but mighty RZR starts easily by using a keyed ignition and a little pressure on the brake pedal.  The cockpit can fit all-sized children well thanks to an adjustable driver’s seat. The passenger gets plenty of legroom and an adjustable T-shaped grab handle.

An air-cooled, 169cc, four-stroke engine powers the all-terrian vehicle that has an exciting top speed of around 30 mph.

Specifications + Additional Info
  • For ages 10+, 2-Seater
  • 4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, 169cc Engine with Cooling Fan
  • Electronically Fuel Injected
  • Top speed approx 30mph
  • Parent-adjustable speed limiting
  • Automatic Drive
  • Adjustable Seats with seatbelts
  • Front Light with Rear Brake Light
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes + Hand Actuated Parking Brake
  • Daytime running lights and a single rear LED brake light
  • Protective Cage
  • Tilt Steering
  • Stamped Steel Wheels with 15cm/6" Ground Clearance
  • 2WD
  • 9.5L Fuel Capacity
  • Backed with a great dealer network across the UK for annual servicing and repairs
  • Easy to find spare parts, attachments and accessories with CGM's Parts Finder available on PolarisQuad.co.uk (link below)
  • Optional extras - front windshield, roof and a brush guard all highly recommended

PLUS - Polaris and Mowerplus are offering 2 Youth Helmets and training DVD included in the price

Dont take our word for it. Start your Polaris journey now.