Hyundai DHY8000SELR 6.0kW Diesel Generator Silenced Long Run Tank
Brands: Hyundai
Product Code: DHY8000SELR


The Hyundai DHY8000SELR is the bigger brother to the DHY6000SELR,  adding an extra 800w to produce a maximum of 6kw power output, beneficial for users who are wanting to run more appliances simultaneously and with the ever increasing demand of electrical items in the average home, this extra power gives the user an added advantage.

Extra long run 30 litre fuel tank meaning, increased operation hours and less frequent refueling. Ideally suited for standby use for your home and small businesses, when you rely on electricity to function this unit is a well priced and reliable necessity.

To use the DHY8000SELR to its full potential, making use of the ATS port  is recommended. Having the generator connected to an ATS means the generator will turn on and connect automatically if mains power fails and will also turn off when mains is restored, meaning you can continue as normal without any inconvenience during a power cut.

With the AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) alternator the DHY8000SELR can be used to power delicate electronics such as computers, the output of the generator will be smooth and stable with no sharp spikes or surges from the output.

Using as little as 1 litre of diesel (red or white diesel) an hour this silenced generator is an extremely cost efficient way of keeping you, your family and even a small business functioning. Fitted with a low oil pressure sensor as standard means the unit will stop automatically if the engine oil level drops.


Max Output: 6.0kW / 7.2kVA
Continuous Output: 5.5kW / 6.6kVA
Engine: Hyundai D500
Displacement (cc): 453cc
Engine Speed (rpm): 3000RPM
AC Voltage: 110, 230
Alternator: HY203-6
AC Frequency: 50Hz
AC Power Factor: 1.0
Battery (Ah): 12V 36Ah
Lubrication: 15W40
Fuel Capacity: 30l
Noise @ 1m: 96
Noise @ 7m: 70


Length: 920mm
Width: 550mm
Height: 760mm

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