Honda Miimo HRM3000 Robotic Lawnmower
£2,650.00 £2,750.00
Brand: Honda
Model: HRM3000


The Honda Miimo HRM3000 is Honda’s largest robotic mower and can tackle lawns up to an impressive 4000m².

Miimo is designed to be flexible, and to suit the user. As a result, you are able to position the docking station in a variety of locations around your lawn, which means you can place it somewhere out of the way such as behind the shed, in a quiet corner, or in a narrow passageway.

The user friendly design is some of the best we’ve seen. The mower itself is waterproof, and therefore can be used in all sorts of weather conditions. An added benefit of this feature is that you can clean the underside of the deck quickly with a hose pipe to maintain a high performance level.

The Honda Miimo HRM3000 benefits from a Smartphone app (available on both Android and iOS) which works via Bluetooth connectivity.

Bluetooth is standard with the HRM 3000, while some other robotic mowers require the purchase of additional components in order to use alongside an app. This clever tool means you can control your Miimo remotely, adjusting the cutting height and programming your mower to suit the conditions.

You can even use the app to drive your Miimo! The Miimo will also report problems to the app so your dealer can investigate issues and apply software updates for you.

The quiet Miimo runs at just 59 dB (about the same as a conversation, or an air conditioner), so it’s not unreasonable for you to program your mower to cut at night without disturbing your neighbours.

Product Features

• Waterproof for use in any weather conditions
• Suitable for lawns up to 4000 metres square
• Mulching functionality
• App can be used to control a range of features, and to report issues
• Comes with a two year warranty


Area capacity     up to 1100m²Working capacity     170 m²/hMaximum incline mowing area 
     25° / 47%Maximum incline wire on slope     15° / 27%Noise level guaranteed*     59 db(A)Blade type     3 (Swing back type)Cutting width 
     220 mmCutting height adjustment     Electric from 20 to 60 mmBattery type     Li-ion 22.2V / 5.4AhMowing time per charge     90 minCharging time    45 minWaterproofing    IPX5Smartphone application**
    Android and iOSDocking station position    FlexibleBoundary wire and pegs supplied-Length x width x height    710 mm x 550 mm x 301 mmWeight    13.8 kg

Our Installation Procedure:

What to Expect During Installation

Installation is a 5 step process:

Miimo operates within a boundary wire, installed around the perimeter of your lawn. Proper installation is key to the performance of your Miimo.

1./ Pre-Installation Consultation
We will start with an in person consultation at your home. This allows us to survey the size and complexity of your lawn and garden, determine which Miimo is best for your needs, and create an installation plan. We will then provide you with a quote of the cost to install your Honda Miimo.

Your consultation will include:
Discussing your goals and expectations.
Checking your garden for any potential issues, like steep slopes or drop offs.
Determining where the best starting points are to ensure complete coverage.
Locating a good spot for the charging station.
Determining the layout of the boundary wire.

2. / Site Preparation
Generally if your grass is longer than 2½", it will also need to be mowed to an appropriate height prior to installation.

3. / Installation
We will install your Honda Miimo. This includes installing the docking station and the boundary wire.

4. / Programming
Next, we will program Miimo to your custom needs, including Miimo’s mowing schedule.

5. / Testing and Training

Finally, we will test Miimo to ensure everything is working right.We will also review Miimo safety and basic operation with you, so you are comfortable and confident with your Miimo.

6. / Servicing
With developing technology there are occasional upgrades that may need applying to your Miimo. We can arrange a suitable servicing and maintenance schedule to suit each individual customer. This may include winter storage, battery maintenance and the application of any upgrades at that time.

Lawnmower Cutting Width
Cutting Width 22cm
Mowing Area
Area Up to 1100m²

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