Honda Miimo HRM310 Robotic Lawnmower
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Brand: Honda
Model: HRM310



Need time for other things and dont really fancy mowing your lawn, Honda has found the perfect solution - say Hello to the Honda Miimo.

The Honda Miimo robotic mower promises you a healthy, perfectly cut grass all summer long, all by itself. With it's new 2015 Honda Miimo models, the machines comes with up to 800m of wire, so you can mow even larger gardens.

Safe and trustworthy
Engineered for low noise and efficient performance, Miimo even knows how to recharge itself, returning itself to the docking station when required. Leave the Miimo to get on with the task at hand without a worry, because its safe blades and 360 degree bump sensors mean it’s also well behaved around children and pets.

Miimo can be specifically set up for your lawn. And with a powerful 25-watt motor on each wheel and a 56-blade motor, it can mow the thickest patches of lawn first time round. It can take on obstacles, without any problems. And with the new set-up wizard, getting started is even easier.

There are three Miimos (Miimo 3000, Miimo 310, Miimo 520) – choose the one that's right for your garden.

Before you release your Miimo into your garden, there are a few things for you to consider: the size of your garden, the shape of your borders, and the slope of your garden, i.e. is it gradual or steep?

Miimo 310
Suitable for smaller, complex gardens and those with straighter edges. Cuts up to 2,200m sq with a 300m maximum boundary.

Working area capacity (m sq) - 2,200
Working capacity per hour (m sq/hour) - 90
Battery - Li-ion 21.6v-2.0Ah
Cutting height - easily adjusted between - 20-60mm
Cutting width - 8.5" / 22cm (self-propelled)
Self-charging - Yes
Mulching - Yes

Honda & Robotics
Honda began experimenting in robotics in 1986. Asimo, Honda’s humanoid robot, was a product of the research and it stunned the world in 2000. Self-determining rather than programmed, Asimo was able to react to its surroundings. Much more human, and much less machine.

Asimo was a robotic first for Honda. And now there’s Miimo 300, 310 and 520, Honda’s first robot products to go on sale – combining decades of experience from two very different worlds. Our goal is to prove that machines can greatly improve the quality of our lives – and of course provide a first class lawn to enjoy.

Miimo is a perfectionist. It’ll cut your lawn the way you want, when you want, and you’ll never have to lift a finger. Miimo’s happy to work in the rain, and quiet enough to work through the night. It’ll leave you with a beautifully cut lawn and no messy grass clippings. Miimo will even recharge itself and get on with the job, while you get on with all the things you’d rather be doing.

Honda Miimo is not a normal lawnmower and is sold on a much more personal – and personalised – basis. A Honda Authorised dealer will help you decide which Miimo suits your garden, and upon purchase will install the docking station and boundary wire.

Help from Honda
The dealer will then program Miimo to cut to the schedule and lawn finish that you desire using its inbuilt timer and calendar. At the end of the season the dealer can collect it for winter maintenance, and very often will store it ready for re-installation whenever it suits you.

They just keep on going. That’s why we can offer you a rock-solid warranty for domestic and professional use on our core range products, covering both parts and labour.

The warranty is reliable too
It maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first. Solid and dependable – just like our garden equipment.

Lawnmower Cutting Width
Cutting Width 22cm
Mowing Area
Area Up to 2200m²

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