Honda HSS760 ETD Petrol Snow Thrower with Electric Starter
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Brands: Honda
Product Code: HSS760 ETD


The Honda HSS760 ETD Petrol Snow Thrower has an Electric Starter.

Our 7 Series Snowthrowers are powerful machines. With an advanced hydrostatic drive, as well as a host of other Honda innovations, winter will be blown away.

It makes the landscape picture-postcard, but its beauty also brings a sprinkling of problems too. Snow makes life difficult. Our capable 7 Series Snowthrowers are perfect for snow up to 51cm high- that’s up to your knees. Shifting 42 tonnes an hour, they can clear an area the size of two tennis courts- under 30cm of snow- in just over ten minutes.

Our 7 Series Snowthrowers are solid, and packed with ingenious ideas.

There’s lots of amazing stuff going on inside our snowthrowers- all working together so you get the best possible result. For example, they’re the first in our range to have a hydrostatic drive; it gives you the best possible handling of the machine's speed.

Not all snow falls equal, that’s why the height-adjustable auger is so useful. It lets you change the auger height for different snow conditions- be it waist deep or just a light but tough covering of ice, it’ll be gone before you know it.

Key Features
Track model
Tracks provide superior traction through most snow conditions, and make this snowthrower perfect for uneven ground and gravel paths. And with no slipping or sliding, even on steep slopes, you’re in complete control.

Auger height adjust lever
The auger height adjust lever is unique to Honda, and lets you adjust the intake auger angle to suit the snow conditions with quick and easy control. Track machines only.

Hydrostatic drive
Hydrostatic transmission allows adjustable travel speeds without affecting the auger rotation speed.

Speed 0-3.24km/h
Engine Model GX 200
Net power 4.1kW/3,600rpm
Fuel capacity 3.1l
Operating time 1.8hrs
Starter system Electric start

Auger clearing width 60.5cm
Clearing height 42cm
Clearing capacity 42tonnes/h
Throwing distance 14m
Auger height adjustment Auger height adjust lever
Discharge chute adjustment Manual
Drive Hydrostatic
Guaranteed sound power level 102db

Length 142cm
Width 62cm
Height 107.5cm
Dry weight 91kg

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