Honda HF2417 HT Lawn Tractor
£4,348.91 £4,990.00
Brand: Honda
Model: HF2417 HT


The Honda HF 2417 HT garden tractor is the just a little smaller in some ways than mighty HF 2620 HT but shares the same platform and features. A new 17hp V-twin engine delivers the highest standards of power and precision while a host of other comfort and control features including a large 300 litre grass bag with audible grass full indicator and electric grass dump system, smooth push-button electric blade engagement and hydrostatic drive will help you cut large areas of lawn effortlessly.

Honda HF 2417 HT Garden Tractor features Honda's new Optiflow System. The key to good grass collecting performance is a powerful and controlled air flow. So Honda's Research and Development (R&D) team developed Optiflow, a system that combines powerful suction with controlled and low turbulence air flow that reduces power loss, noise and grass accumulation.

With a single lever, Honda's Versamow selective mulching system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser. If your grass is long or rough, you can mow your garden and just collect grass clippings in the grass bag. But if your grass has grown only a little, or it has just rained and you still want to cut your lawn, you can select mulching, and by doing so fertilise your grass at the same time. Or, you can keep your grass tidy and collect the clippings in one area of the garden and with the simple push of a lever then do a rough cut in other areas of the garden. Whatever you decide, you can do it with the same machine, no mulching kit to add, nothing to bolt in.

There are two kinds of cutter decks: one with asynchronous blades and one with synchronous blades. Cutter decks with asynchronous blades use two independent unsynchronised blades that are slightly offset. Cutter decks with synchronous blades use two blades that are synchronised with a timing belt to keep a constant 90 degree angle. The benefits of a synchronous system are a constant cutting performance to avoid uncut areas, even when turning and better air flow under the cutter deck resulting in optimised grass collecting and a lower risk of clogging.

Versamow selective mulching
With a single lever, Honda’s Versamow system will either collect the grass cuttings into the bag or finely shred and blow them down into the lawn to create a natural fertiliser.

A fan powered system under the cutter deck that improves air flow between the cutter deck and the high air flow grass bag. It significantly improves collecting performance of the lawnmower.

Electric grass dump
The grass bag is opened and assisted with an electric motor at the touch of a switch.

Synchronous blade cut
Both blades have an overlapping cutting area to create accurate mowing and avoid any uncut areas when turning.

Blade brake clutch - Electromagnetic
Optiflow - Yes
Grass bag dumping - Electric
Positions and cutting - 7
Noise value (sound power level) - 100 dBA
Mulching - Versamow selective mulching
Rear deflector - Optional
Tow hitch - Optional

Length 244.5cm
Width 106cm
Height 123cm
Dry weight 250kg

Cutter deck size - 102cm
Number of blades - 2
Synchro or Asynchro - Synchro
Height Adjustment - 29-90mm
Grass bag capacity - 300ltrs

Engine - 4-stroke OHC V-twin
Engine displacement - 530cc
Engine model - GCV520
Engine Rated Power - 9.4/2,800 kW/rpm
Fuel tank capacity - 8.5ltrs
Engine oil capacity 1.3ltrs
Transmission type - Variable: Hydrostatic
Driving speed - Progressive 0 to 8.2

Front tyres (diameter x width - rim) - 15 x 6.00 - 6"
Rear tyres (diameter x width - rim) - 18 x 8.50 - 8"
Turning radius - 1.8m

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