Efco MT 3710 Petrol Chainsaw 14" Bar
£221.00 £265.00
Brands: Efco
Product Code: MT 3710


These compact chainsaws are designed incorporating the technology used in higher power models.

Occasional minor pruning tasks or cutting small diameter firewood can be carried out.


2.4 HP - 1.8 kW/35.2 cm³
Bar length (nose)
35cm, 14'' (sprocket)
Chain (pitch x gauge)
3/8''x.050'' Special
Oil Pump
automatic, zero flow rate at idle speed
Oil/fuel tank capacity
0.22 L/0.32 L
Sound pressure/power level
100.4/110.9 dB(A)
Lh/rh vibration level
5.2/6.5 m/s²
Dry weight without bar and chain
4.3 Kg

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