Efco DR 52 VBR6 Professional Wheeled Brushcutter
£1,499.99 £1,894.00
Brand:: Efco
Product Code: DR 52 VBR6


The Efco DR 52 VBR6 is a professional wheeled brushcutter. It is a powerful professional model, designed for produce growers with heavy and constant workloads to manage, and for greenery maintenance contractors.


- 2 rear wheels with pneumatic tyres and sculpted tread: these guarantee faultless grip on all types of surface, even steep gradients, or where rains have turned the soil to mud.
- Equipped with professional blade giving a firm and effective cut even in thick undergrowth and on medium diameter shrubwood.
- Has two forward speeds selectable according to the type of soil and vegetation being tackled, and one reverse speed for manoeuvring and positioning purposes.
- Blade drive engaged by operating a lever on the handgrip.


- Make/model: B & S 825-series
- Displacement: 190cm3
- Starting: manual, recoil
- Transmission system
- Transmission: belt and chain
- Type: 2 + 2 shift
- Propulsion: self-propelled
- Ground-speed: 1st - 2.5km/h, 2nd 3.3km/h

- Cutting deck (type): reinforced steel (pivoted)
- Cutting width: 520mm
- Cutting-height adjustment (type): using blade-spacers
- Cutting-height positions: 2
- Cutting heights: 75-52mm
- Blade type: mulching
- Engine brake: yes
- Blade brake: yes

- Self-propelled: rear wheels
- Front wheel: - Type: removable skids
- Rear wheels: metal and rubber with bearings
- Type: high with puncture-proof tread
- Wheel diameter (front): agricultural tread-profile, 3.5 x 6mm
- Handlebar adjustment: up-down, side-to-side
- Weight: 82kg

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