Efco DR 51 VB6 Wheeled Brushcutter
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DR 51 VB6 Wheeled Brushcutter

The DR 51 VB6 is a semi-professional wheeled brushcutter perfect for use in larger areas of up to 5000m2, such as orchards and paddocks, assisting with the removal of thick and overgrown vegetation such as thistles, weeds and brambles. This highly robust brushcutter features an impressive cutting width of 51cm and is a great tool for tackling substantial areas of vegetation too dense for ordinary lawnmowers and handheld cutters, while simultaneously being pleasingly comfortable and straightforward to operate.

As the DR 51 VB6 is self-propelled, it requires far less effort to use than comparable brushcutters which require you to push, and even the simple fact that it has wheels ensures that bigger clearance jobs are far easier to handle than using a handheld machine. A quiet-running and fuel-efficient 190cc Briggs & Stratton 825 OHV series engine, offering three forward speed settings from 2.5km/h to 4.5km/h, provides propulsion the variable-speed gearbox allowing you to choose the right ground speed for your application. Large-diameter rear wheels meanwhile, provide excellent traction and smooth movement, which is particularly important when working in wet conditions. Moreover, the smaller front wheel, made from tough metal for outstanding durability, helps ensure superb manoeuvrability even on rougher terrain.

For added versatility, flexibility of cut is offered via a central height adjustment lever on the brushcutter’s handgrip, making it easy to adjust the cutting height without having to stop and fiddle with complicated controls. To ensure outstanding performance in a wide range of situations, the DR 51 VB6 features four different height settings between 55mm and 120mm, giving you the ability to tackle almost any clearance job quickly and efficiently. Weight: 62kg

- Featuring a self-propelled variable-speed drive system, offering three speed settings between 2.5km/h and 4.5km/h
- Powered by an efficient and quiet-running 190cc Briggs & Stratton 825 OHV series engine
- Highly robust cutting deck with a remarkable cutting width of 51cm, perfect for use in larger gardens, paddocks and orchards up to 5000m2
- Large-diameter rear wheels provide excellent traction and smooth movement, ensuring stability and ease of operation
- Smaller but sturdy front wheel, made of tough metal, further improves manoeuvrability on rougher terrain
- Single lever height-of-cut adjustment with convenient handlebar mounted control lever, offering four different height settings between 55mm and 120mm
51cm / 20"
190cc B&S 825 petrol engine
Variable Speed
Central Height Adjustment

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