Countax D50-LN Diesel Lawn Tractor
£3,995.00 £10,038.00
Brands: Countax
Product Code: D50-LN


This is a used 2007 model and has 797 hours on the hourmeter.

A quality built machine, this machine is ideal for a professional user or someone with a large garden area to tackle.

This machine is powered by a 18HP Yanmar engine.
Comes with a large 50” cutting deck with three blades and large 390lt. grass collector.

The large cutting deck and collector will allow quicker & more efficient completion of larger decks.

The deck also has anti-scalp wheels on the front and rear. Large tyres for maximum traction.

This is a hydrostatic drive garden tractor. The hydrostatic, foot-controlled transmission found on all Countax tractors is smooth and responsive. It is as easy to operate as the controls on an automatic car.

The power take-off (PTO) enables a variety of powered attachments to be run by utilising the power of the tractor’s engine.

NEW: £10038 inc. VAT
USED: £3995 inc. VAT
REF: 3386

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