Countax C60 with 36" High Grass Mulch Deck - Ride-On Garden Tractor
£5,075.00 £5,399.00
Brand: Countax
Model: C60
SKU: C1100106
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This model comes with a 36" High Grass Mulch Deck included in the price. PGC+ not required if just mulching.

Please note the image shows a PGC+ which is not included in the PRICE.

Please refer to the second image to see a picture of the High Grass Mulch Deck.

A mid-range garden tractor, highly capable for most applications. The Countax C60 is a true workhorse.

The new C60 garden tractor is the ‘stalwart’ of the Countax range. It is ideal for customers with a large garden who don’t want to compromise the quality of finish for the convenience of a ride-on lawnmower.

"A nominal additional charge of £300 will be added to the web site price if purchasing outside a radius of 30 miles as the crow flies from CW124XJ. This covers a retention fee charged by Countax to encourage customers to purchase locally."

Using the same principles as an agricultural mulcher, the HGM deck is capable of cutting thick, long grass, brambles, thistles and scrub. Chains located at the front and rear prevent the grass from being completely flattened and stop it escaping before being cut. Six hardened steel mulching blades cut multiple times, with the resulting mulch left on the ground to decompose.
When the going gets really tough, the Countax High Grass Mulching (HGM) deck is in a class of its own.

Make short work of tall grass, brambles and nettles
The Countax High Grass Mulching cutter deck will cut down tall grass, nettles and brambles.


Kawasaki FS481V 603cc Engine
With today’s fuel prices, the FS481V provides some respite thanks to its high efficiency combustion enabled by its Overhead V-valves. However, when it comes to power and performance, the big block engine ensures there is no compromise. The comfort level of the operator is enhanced with the lower vibration the 90 degree V-twin configuration engine offers.

Kawasaki is renowned for its reliability and durability helped by the cast iron cylinder liners which are standard on their 4-stroke engine range.

Maintenance is kept to a minimum, which means your mower will spend less time in the workshop as the high performance lubrication system, rotating grass screen and dual element air filter makes sure the inside of your engine remains at optimum levels, running for longer in-between service sessions.

Engine Spec - the Kawasaki FR481V Specification
- Displacement: 603cc
- Power (@3600rpm): 9.9kW
- Torque: 38.4NM
- Bore: 73mm
- Stroke: 72mm
- RPM: 3000
- Engine Oil Type: 10w-30
- Engine Oil Amount: 1.8 litres
- Overhead V-valves
- 90 degree V-twin
- High performance lubrication system
- Electronic spark ignition
- Automatic compression release (ACR)
- Internally vented carburettor with fuel shut-off solenoid
- Rotating grass screen
- Dual element air filter
- Cast iron cylinder liners
- Muffler option

Noise reduction

Low noise operation through good design, quality and specification. All our products are designed to produce the lowest levels of noise. Not only does this make operating a Countax more comfortable, it also ensures that our products fall within the levels issued by EU noise legislation.

Our tractors feature a double skinned bonnet which helps to reduce engine noise. Our unique cutting and collection system means that air disturbance from the cutting blades is minimised, further reducing unwanted sound.

Park brake
The Countax park brake system is a cleverly designed safety feature. It prevents the tractor from starting unless the brake is engaged. This important safety device is fitted as standard on all Countax models.

Operating Managment System (OMS) (C Series & B Series)
A simple to use dashboard display. All C and B Series tractors are fitted with OMS, Countax’s unique on-board computer. This system works independently from the main functions of the tractor, monitoring the engine, cutter deck and power take-off.

Most Countax tractors include a digital deck height indicator, low fuel warning and RPM counter. The RPM monitor on the electronic display indicates engine speed. If it falls below the optimum level when cutting dense grass, it is indicated on the dashboard, allowing you to raise the deck or reduce forward speed. This means the best possible cut for the conditions can be achieved.

Cast Front Axle
The heavy duty cast axle adds strength where it’s really needed on the tractor, enabling it to withstand the stresses of uneven terrain.

It’s been designed with commercial-style, tie-down points for safe transportation on a flatbed trailer.

Electric power take-off
C and B Series tractors feature a push-button controlled power take-off. Operators can choose from three PTO modes:

Position 1 engages the cutter deck only – perfect for rough-cutting without collection.
Position 2 switches on both the tractor and the PTO to drive the Powered Grass Collector – there is no separate lever or control required.
Position 3 will operate the PTO only – ideal for driving powered accessories such as the broadcast spreader or scarifier.

Single pressed steel body
Found on C and B Series tractors, the single pressed steel body is a stronger and more durable alternative to a traditional fabricated unit.

It has been specifically designed to reduce water collection points and has been tested to withstand over 500 hours continuous salt spray exposure, thereby helping to eliminate corrosion.

Adjustable seat
All Countax models feature an ergonomically designed, automotive style sliding seat for greater operator comfort and safety.

The seat can easily be adjusted using the fingertip control lever. An angled adjuster plate moves the operator down and closer to the pedals or up and further away. The seat fitted to four-wheel drive models and the larger A Series tractors has armrests for additional comfort and support. The armrests fold to make getting on and off the tractor easy.

Model- C60
Engine- FS481V Kawasaki twin cylinder 603cc
Transmission- Hydrostatic Foot Control
Deck height settings- 12-101mm
Power Take-off- Standard (Electric Engage)
Bull Bar- Standard
OMS- Colour digital display
Wheel Size (Front/Rear) - 38/51cm (15"/20")
Warranty- 3 Years

Countax tractors will be delivered personally within a 35 mile radius from our store (CW12 4XJ) or you may collect. They are delivered by one of our own staff and handed over personally to the customer, complying fully with the manufacturers guidelines. If you have any questions regarding delivery or machine handover please don't hesitate to contact us on 01260 278332.

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