CAMON LS42R Lawn Rake with 30 Srpings (LS42B1.60881)
Brand: Camon
Model: LS42R Lawn Rake


Optional anti-vibration mounts: £60.00 inc. VAT
Optional 55Lt. collection bag: £84.00 inc. VAT

The CAMON LS42 Lawn Scarifier fitted with Free Swinging Blades.
The CAMON LS42 Lawn Scarifiers will efficiently rid your lawn of thatch and moss.

They are simple to use and offer the ability to switch between a range of cartridges comprising a Lawn Scarifier, Lawn Rake, Lawn Slitter, & Lawn Renovator each producing outstanding results in different applications.
These extra cartridges can be ordered at an extra cost.

This market-leading Scarifier has been redesigned for 2020 with a host of new features including enhanced optional anti-vibration mounts to reduce the vibration to as low as 3.5m/s2, quick release folding handlebars, wheel scrapers, narrower wheels, an angled
rear flap, & very fast height adjustment.

The precise lockable adjustable height system ensures that the LS42 will perform effectively in many different conditions. A powerful & reliable Honda engine rotates the blades at high speed to pull out the maximum amounts of thatch from your lawn.

An optional collection bag is available if required.

FOLDING HANDLEBARS Quick release folding handlebars.
RUBBER MOUNTS Engine fitted to rubber mounts to reduce vibration.
TWO-STAGE OPERATOR LEVER A two-step system for safe operation.
ANGLED REAR FLAP For more efficient thatch & moss discharge.
CHOICE OF CARTRIDGES Free-swinging, fixed blade, renovation, or spring rake.
ANTI-VIBRATION HANDLEBARS Optional rubber mounted handlebars for further reduced vibration.
HONDA PETROL ENGINE Unbeatable performance & reliability.
WHEEL SCRAPERS Prevents build-up of grass & mud on the wheels.
FINE HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT Lockable, precise height adjustment system.
DOUBLE BALL BEARING WHEELS Narrower wheels enable the scarifier to get close to fences, walls etc

Technical Specifications:

Engine: Honda GX160 Petrol
Working Width: 42cm (17")
Working Height: Adjustable
Collection: Optional 55Lt. Bag
Weight: 68Kg
Dimensions: 120 x 59 x 98cm

Extra Cartridge Prices:

Free-Swinging Blades (30 x 1.6mm blades): £306 inc. VAT
Fixed Blades (15 x 2mm blades): £282 inc. VAT
Spring Rake (30 springs): £270 inc. VAT (supplied with machine).
Renovation Blades (15 x 2mm bldes): £306 inc. VAT

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