BCS 740 Petrol GX390 Two Wheeled Tractor with 32" Rotovator (SHOP SOILED)
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Brands: BCS
Product Code: 740


Why the BCS 740?
The BCS 740 is our most popular two wheel tractor and is the most versatile machine in the range. It can be fitted with over 25 different attachments including stone buriers, power harrows, rotary ploughs and flail mowers to name but a few and is available with a choice of petrol or diesel engine.

Is the BCS 740 easy to use?
Like all BCS machines, the BCS 740 is very simple to operate and features the new BCS PowerSafe clutch that stops both the drive and implement when you let go of the operator presence lever. It does this without stopping the engine and in our opinion this makes the BCS Two Wheel Tractor the safest machine available in the world today.

The BCS 740 is also fitted with a locking differential and steering brakes for complete operator control whilst large 5.00 x 10 wheels give you the traction you need whether you are on wet mud or icy pavements.

Who do we recommend the 740 to?
Quite simply, almost anyone! The BCS 740 is the ideal machine for large smallholdings, allotment associations, contractors, councils, landscapers and estates.

The range of implements available combined with the power of the BCS 740 allow you to take on such a range of work that you will soon wonder how you managed to live without it particularly as you rotate the attachments through the seasons.

Rotavate in spring, cut grass in summer, chip wood in autumn and clear snow in the winter.

Implements and attachments
The BCS Two Wheel Tractors are supplied as power units only so that you can choose the implements required.  For details on the implements that can be operated by the BCS 740, please see the drop down to your right.

Specifications -
Engine- Honda GX390
Power Output- 8.7 kW / 11.7 hp
Weight- 112kg
Gears- 3 forward, 3 reverse
Speeds (kph)- Forward 1.26,2.92,4.30 Reverse 1.33,3.08,4.53
Wheels- 5.00 x 10 agricultural wheels
Warranty- Domestic 3 years, Commercial 2 years
Dimensions (L x W x H)- 20 x 75 x 12cm
Wheel Width- 57cm

Rotovator Specifications -

A high rotor speed and a proven blade design will produce a fine seed bed finish and prepare perfect ground for growing.

The digging speed can be controlled via the throttle for varying ground conditions, use a slower speed for breaking up the earth and then a faster speed to produce a finer tilth. The digging depth is easily adjusted via the lever on top of the box.

The stability of the machine combined with large wheels, ensures that there is little or no downward pressure on the handlebars required.

The centre knife breaks up the middle ground ensuring the entire width is rotavated and the heavy-duty J-shaped blades help to prevent formation of a hard pan.

For safety, the rotavator will not operate (spin) whilst the machine is in reverse.

Digging Width: 80cm (32")
Digging Depth: 20cm (8")
Transmission: Gears
PTO RPM: 990
PTO Rotation: Clockwise
Max working speed: 2.9 km/hr
No of Tines: 24
Dimensions (L W H): 63 x 80 x 42cm
Weight: 43kg

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