BCS 630WS Yanmar L100N Diesel Commander
Brand: BCS
Model: 630WS


Why the BCS 630WS?
The BCS 630WS is a complete grass management system designed for professionals who need powerful and reliable machinery. It is a multi-purpose unit designed to offer the operator incredible versatility with its range of attachments.

Is the BCS 630WS easy to use?
The BCS 630WS Commander's unique control sytem lets the operator manouevre the machine easily using the steering clutch levers mounted on the handlebars. This permits independent control of each wheel though the machine's internal clutch-brake mechanism, and so provides excellent stability on steep terrain. It also ensures maximum steering comfort, easy handling, and perfect control of the machine whether on rough difficult ground or on a flat grassed area.

The BCS 630WS is capable of many different tasks in a range of environments, particularly conservation areas and can work on many different terrains.  There is also a bank version available designed for use on slopes of up to 40°.

Implements and Attachments
The BCS 630WS Commander is supplied as a power unit only and there is a range of front-mounted implements available.  For details of the implements that can be operated by the BCS 630WS, please see the drop down to the right hand side of the page.

Specifications -
Engine- Yanmar L100 diesel
Power Output- 6.8kW  /  9.0hp
Weight- 125kg
Gears- 3 forward plus travel speed- 3 reverse
Speeds (kph) - I: 1.26 II: 2.92 III: 4.30 IV: 13.40 I: 1.33 II: 3.08 III: 4.53
Wheels- 5.00 x 10 agricultural wheels
Other Features- Power Steering - Clutch/Brake System/Implement Quick Coupling
Warranty- Domestic use - 3 years
               - Commercial use - 2 years
Dimensions (L x W x H) - 140 x 90 x 120cm

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