BCS 630BF - GX390 Petrol Engine Commercial Bank Flail Mower
Brand:: BCS
Product Code: 630BF


Why the BCS 630BF?
The BCS 630BF is designed for use on steep slopes and is a real "go-anywhere" machine capable of producing outstanding performance in a variety of environments.

Is the BCS 630BF easy to use?
The BCS 630BF is very simple to operate and has a number of features to provide fantastic performance whilst remaining straightforward to operate.

Power is provided by a reliable Honda GX390 banks engine and the 630BF has three working speeds with reverse so it can be operated within safe limits at all times.  A heavy-duty drive system and a low centre of gravity ensure reliability whilst steering brakes on the handlebar give the operator fingertip control and the large 8.00 x 10 lug wheels have a wider profile and a deeper tread than our standard tyres to provide additional traction and stability particularly on slopes.

The 85cm Flail Mower has 36 heavy-duty free swinging blades with a tapered cutting edge so it will effortlessly cut and mulch the toughest vegetation in one pass. The wide open front ensures that vegetation reaches the blades whilst a full width steel rear roller prevents unnecessary scalping of the ground. The cutting height is easily adjusted from 1cm to 6cm depending on the type of finish required.

Implements and Attachments
The BCS 630BF Commercial Flail Mower is able to operate a range of other front-mounted implements.  For details of the implements that can be operated by the BCS 630BF, please see the drop down the the right hand side of the page.

Specifications -
Engine- Honda GX390 petrol (banks engine)
Power Output- 8.7kW / 11.7hp
Weight- 200kg
Gears- 3 forward plus travel speed/3 reverse
Speeds- I: 1.26 II: 2.92 III: 4.30 IV: 13.40 I: 1.33 II: 3.08 III: 4.53
Wheels- 8.00 x 10 lug wheels
Other Features- Steering Brakes/Implement Quick Coupling
Cutting Width- 85cm (33")
Cutting Height- 1cm to 6cm (½" to 2½")
Warranty- Domestic use - 3 years     
               - Commercial use - 2 years
Dimensions (L x W x H) - 140 x 90 x 120cm
Lawnmower Cutting Width
Cutting Width 0.85m

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