BCS 630B - GX270 Banks Petrol Engine Crusader Power Scythe
£3,007.80 £3,342.00
Brand:: BCS
Product Code: 630B


The Short Oil Transmission is recommended for power units with GP160, GX200, and GX270 engines. The Long Oil Transmission is recommended for power units with GX270 engine.

Important! The prices above are for the power unit only, they DO NOT include the Scythe Cutter Bar or Transmission.

Why the BCS 630B?
The BCS 630B is the largest of the Crusader Power Scythes, featuring the Honda banks engine, 3 working speeds and a cutting width of up to 135cm it will easily tackle the toughest cutting and clearing tasks and is perfect for heavy-duty applications and sloping areas.

Is the BCS 630B easy to use?
The BCS 630B is very easy to use.  In addtion to the powerful Honda GX270 banks engine and 3 working speeds, the BCS 630 also has a very useful travel speed which makes moving the machine from storage to working area much quicker.

Other features of the BCS 630B include a differential that can be locked to help with manoeuvrability when working on uneven terrain and unlocked to assist with on the spot turning, and steering brakes to help with operating larger attachments.

The option of a 135cm wide cutter bar makes the BCS 630B perfect for large open areas.  The third working speed allows the machine to be operated at a faster pace and the wider cutter bar clears more material ensuring less passes are needed.

Implements and Attachments
BCS Crusader Power Scythes are able to operate other front-mounted implements.  For details of the implements that can be operated by the BCS 630B, please see the drop down to the right of the screen.

Specifications -
Engine- Honda GX270 banks petrol
Power Output- 6.3kW  /  8.4hp
Weight- 95kg
Gears- 3 forward plus travel speed/3 reverse
Speeds (kph) I: 1.26 II: 2.92 III: 4.30 IV: 13.40 I: 1.33 II: 3.08 III: 4.53
Wheels- 5.00 x 10 agricultural wheels
Other Features- Locking differential/Steering brakes
Warranty- Domestic use - 3 years    
                 - Commercial use - 2 years
Dimensions (L x w x H) - 180 x 64 x 120cm   

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