Agri-Fab 45-0269 Tow-Behind Lawn Roller (48” Working Width)
£233.22 £299.00
Brands: Agri-fab
Product Code: 45-0269


This 48” tow-type lawn-roller from Agri-Fab weighs a massive 550lbs when fully water-ballasted, so it should only be used with more powerful lawn tractors (16hp and upwards). It’s suitable for levelling frost-heaves; flattening mole hills; bedding-in freshly laid sod; and packing-down seed.

The Agri-Fab 45-0269 Tow-Behind Lawn Roller is equipped with a rust-resistant poly-roller that’s reinforced with a centre baffle to prevent flexing on rough ground. The roller’s rounded edges ensure the surface won’t be gouged during turns; and the one-inch diameter brass fill-plug can be quickly fitted and removed without using tools.

As with all Agri-Fab lawn rollers, this model comes with a universal hitch-pin, so it’s compatible with all makes of lawn-tractor. It weighs just 60lbs when unballasted.

Suitable for a range of tasks, including levelling and sod-packing.
Poly roller will not rust.
Weighs up to 550lbs when water ballasted.
No tools needed to remove the fill-plug.
Rounded roller edges prevent damage to the lawn surface.
Centre baffle stops the poly buckling or flexing.
Universal link-pin included.

Towing Mechanism: Hitchpin and Hole
Working Width: 122cm
Drum Diameter: 46cm
Drum Material: Poly
Fill Plug Brass (254mm)
Weight with Water: 250kg
Weight Empty: 27kg

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