Stihl RM 248 T Lawnmower - 4-stroke Petrol Engine
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Brand: Stihl
Model: RM 248 T
SKU: RM 248 T


The STIHL RM 248 T is the perfect choice for mowing lawns up to 1,200m², with the one-speed drive making it incredibly easy to mow up steep slopes and inclines. Comes with 5 Years Domestic Warranty.

The ReadyStart technology is another great feature too, as it makes the STIHL EVC 200 engine simple to start even when it's cold.

The high-lift blade is also cleverly designed to give you the neatest possible finish on your lawn by creating a strong air current around the mower's deck. This airflow lifts the grass upright, then cuts it and efficiently carries it into the 55litre grass catcher box.

This mower has a 46 cm cutting width and it features foldable handlebars so it can be compactly stored in the shed or garage. The spring-loaded central cutting-height adjustment means you can adjust the height of the cut from 25 to 75mm in a flash.

All of these useful features to combine to give you a great petrol-powered lawn mower for your garden.


ReadyStart engine technology
The ReadyStart engine technology means that your lawn mower can be easily started with less effort whether the engine is warm or cold.

One-speed drive
The RM 248 T has one-speed drive, which makes it so easy to push around larger lawns and up slopes in your garden.

High-lift blade
The blade on the lawn mower is designed to lift the grass and make it stand upright, before cutting it precisely and moving it straight into the catcher box. This gives you the neatest possible finish on your lawn.

Super soft grip
The handlebar has a super soft grip so that it's always comfortable to hold even when mowing for longer periods.

Sheet steel deck
The sheet steel deck is sturdy, robust and built to last.

Central cutting-height adjustment
It's so quick to adjust the cutting height of the mower, thanks to the spring loaded adjustment mechanism. There are five different levels to choose from between 25 and 75mm, so you can mow the lawn at the perfect height for you.

Smooth-running wheels
The wheels on the RM 248 have a traction pattern that makes it easy for you to manoeuvre the mower, and helps you hold a perfectly straight line when mowing. The wheels are extremely hard-wearing too.

Foldable handlebar
The handlebar can be folded right over for space-saving storage or transport.

Engine type EVC 200.2
Grass catcher box Lt. 55
Nominal output 2.1 kW / 2.8 PS
Cutting height mm 25-75
Working speed RPM 2.800
Displacement cm³ 139
Cutting width cm 46
Weight kg 28
Lawns m² Up to 1.200
Vibration value AHW m/s² 2.8
Uncertainty factor KPA [DB(A)] DB(A) 2
Guaranteed sound power level LWAD [DB(A)] DB(A) 94
Uncertainty factor K m/s² 1.4

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