Stihl MS 261 C-M petrol chainsaw 14" Bar (Chainsaw Bundle Kit)
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Brand:: Stihl
Product Code: MS 261 C-M


STIHL MS 261 C-M petrol chainsaw | STIHL MS 261 C-M chainsaw | STIHL MS 261 C-M 14" bar Chainsaw

Update on STIHL's Chainsaw Online Selling Policy &  to download the STIHL Chainsaw Safety Manual. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW.

This Bundle Kit includes:

1 x STIHL 1Lt. Chain Oil ForestPlus

1 x STIHL Dynamic Protect MS Chainsaw Gloves

1 x STIHL Concept 23 Ear Defenders

Rocwood 3 Chain Files

1 x STIHL Safety Goggles

1 x Mixing Bottle

Very light, handy and powerful professional chainsaw. The electronic self-tuning engine management system means that the fuel supply is electronically controlled and the machine automatically adapts to operating and ambient conditions, ensuring optimal engine performance every time. The memory function remembers previous operating conditions and allows you to restart quickly after an extended break. With easy-clean HD2 filter, controlled-delivery oil pump and practical features such as a stainless steel muffler, captive nuts on the sprocket cover and monocoque cover with three quick release fasteners. The 2-MIX technology in the innovative STIHL MS 261 C-M ensures up to 20% less fuel consumption and up to 50% emissions reduction compared to the same power STIHL two-stroke engines without 2-MIX technology.

Features -

Decompression valve.
Combi lever.
Reduced-emission engine technology.
STIHL M-Tronic (M).
Advanced combustion technology.
HD2 filter.
Anti-vibration system.
Pre-separation air filtration system.
Captive nuts.
Variable-displacement oil pump.
Side chain tensioner.
Ematic chain lubrication system.
STIHL ElastoStart.
Tool free filler caps.


  • Cylinder Displacement: 50.2 cm³
  • Power Output: 3.5 hp / 2.6 kW
  • Weight Excluding Fuel, Guide Bar and Chain: 4.8 kg
  • Weight to Power Ratio: 1.8 kg / kW
  • Oilomatic Saw Chain Pitch: .325"
  • Oilomatic Saw Chain Type: Rapid Super Comfort
  • AntiVibration System: Standard
  • Side Mounted Chain Tensioning: Standard
  • Chain Quick Tensioning: N/A
  • QuickStop Super Chain Brake: N/A
  • Decompression Valve: Standard
  • ElastoStart: Standard
  • Compensator: Standard
  • Long-Life Air Filter System: N/A
  • Tool-Free Tank Cap: Standard
  • Catalytic Converter: RetrofittableHeated Handle: N/A
  • Vibrations Left Handle: 3.6 m/s²
  • Vibrations Right Handle: 4.1 m/s²

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