Stiga Autoclip 550 SG Robot Lawnmower (FREE DELIVERY)
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Brand:: Stiga
Product Code: Autoclip 550 SG


The STIGA Autoclip 550 SG is the ideal robot lawnmower for large lawns up to 5,000 m², capable of handling eight cutting areas. Powerful lithium-ion batteries enable it to operate in up to 7-hour cycles and return itself to its charging base.

Brushless motors guarantee a longer lifespan and less noise. The Autoclip 550 SG enables smart management of your lawn with the Smart Cut System, a GPS-assisted virtual partition function which accurately maps out your lawn.

The connectivity module lets you control and interact with the robot from any place at any time using the dedicated smart app. The lawnmower also features a Bluetooth receiver.

The Autoclip 550 SG is new to the STIGA range for 2019. This smart robot mower can manage gardens up to 5000m² and can cut up to 8 separate mowing areas. The highly efficient brushless motor is powered by a 7.5Ah high performance Lithium-Ion battery, delivering long run times up to 7 hours per cutting cycle. Thanks to the connectivity module, you can control and interact with the robot at any time and wherever it is, thanks to the smartphone app, free to download from appstores.

With an integrated GPS system, this robot mower can map terrain for an intelligent sub-zone cut, mowing quickly and efficiently. The four-toothed 29cm stainless steel blade will cut the lawn a few milli-meters a day ensuring the best cutting performance as well as a perfect finish. A sensor will trigger the intelligent spiral movement according to grass status and the mower will automatically return and hook up to the charging station when required, proceeding alongside the perimeter wire; no guide cable needed.

A gyroscope optimises the navigation of the robot for efficient cutting performance. Safety sensors on the wheels make Autoclip's blade stop immediately in case of capsizing, lifting or any other unidentified movement, and the Eco-Mode sensors can detect if the lawn has been cut; if that's the case, the mower will return to the charging station and wait for the next working cycle.

Cutting in dry weather produces the best results; when it is raining the rain sensor on Autoclip automatically returns it to the charging station where it stays until it stops raining. A PIN code lock protects Autoclip from theft, unauthorised use and access to the programming mode.

A real efficient mower ready to assist you in taking care of your garden.
Professional installation services are offered with this machine, please enquire about these.


Maximum Working Area: 5000m²
Motor Type: Brushless
Battery Type: Lithium-Ion
Number of Batteries: 2
Working Time: 3h 30mins
Battery Charging Time: 2hrs 30mins
Charging System: Automatic

Cutting System
Blade Type: 4 teeth/8 edges
No of Blades & Rotors: 1
Cutting Width: 29cm
Cutting Heights: 25-70mm
Blade Speed: Modular, 3000rpm
Cutting Method: Random
Cutting Speed; 30 m/min
Intelligent Cutting Movement: Spiral & border cut
Eco-Mode: Yes
Back to recharge: GPS Assisted
Rain Sensors: Yes
Maximum Recommended Slope: 35%
Wheels: 270mm

Navigation and Devices
Bluetooth Receiver: Yes
Encoder: Yes
Inclinometer: Yes
Gyroscope: Yes

Obstacle Detection Sensors: On cover
Lift Sensors: On support wheels
Tilt Sensor: Yes
Emergency Stop: Yes
PIN Code: Yes
Noise Output: 65-70 dB(A)

Weight: 18kg with batteries
Dimensions: 704 x 500 x 292mm
Lawnmower Cutting Width
Cutting Width 29cm
Mowing Area
Area Up to 5000m²

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