Solis 26 HST (Hydrostatic) Compact Tractor with Cab (industrial tyres)
Brand: Solis
Model: 26 HST with Industrial Tyres
SKU: with Full Cab


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Solis 26 HST (Hydrostatic) Compact Tractor with Cab fitted with Industrial Tyres

Available August 2022.

The Solis 26 HST compact tractor offers more power and more savings than most other tractors in their HP range. Built with a 3 Cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine the Solis 26 HST is renowned for being reliable, fuel efficient and versatile. Smart looking and agile, this small tractor can work with a complete range of attachments including, front loaders, rotary tillers and flail mowers. It is road legal and available with agricultural, turf or industrial tyres making it ideal for maintaining small holdings, equine units, ground care, landscaping, golf courses, small farms and more.

The Solis 26 HST (hydrostatic version of the very popular Solis 26) boasts all the same terrific features as the 26, with the addition of hydrostatic transmission.

Hydrostatic transmission can be the best choice if your compact Solis tractor is to be used mainly for lawn care and garden maintenance work. If your choices of attachments do not need to run at a consistent speed, the Solis HST model is ideal for you.

With no clutch to operate, ease of operation is increased. The instant shift from forward to reverse is ideal when using a front-end loader, to move compost, manure or grass trimmings. A single control lever allows the user to vary the forward speed from 0 to full according to their needs. The hydrostatic transmission smoothly applies torque, is smaller in comparison to the manual gearbox, and is quick to stop in the event of an emergency.


Why buy a Solis 26 Compact Tractor?

3 Cylinder Engine - High torque fuel efficient low noise & vibration.
Backlit Instrument Cluster - Easy to see at night.
Multi-speed PTO - Suitable for spraying & Rotavator application.
Ergonomic Design - Comfortable control.
Track Width - Suitable for inter cultural crops.
Effortless Bonnet Opening - Very simple to open.
4WD Front Axle - For better traction.
Multi-speed PTO - Suitable for muddy operation better steering angle for sharp turning.
Hydraulic Capacity - Best in class hydraulic capacity.
Power Steering - For easy operation & operator comfort.

SOLIS 26 HST (Hydrostatic):

Model Type 26 HST
Steering Power Steering
Drive 4WD Shiftable
Tyres Options available
Usage Agriculture, Construction, Landscape, Small Holdings


Technical Specifications:

Engine Mitsubishi 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine / S3L2-3E (water cooled)
Power 26 HP
Displacement 1318 cc
Engine speed 2700 RPM
Transmission Hydro-static
Clutch Single clutch with safety switch
Speed Max: 11 MPH / Min: 1 MPH
PTO speed 540 / 1000 RPM
Hydraulics Three-point CAT I, lifting capacity 600 kg, 1 DA control unit
Towing capacity: 1600 kg
Brake system Wet brake (oil bath), handbrake
Electrical Battery 12 V / 50 Ah / trailer socket 7-pin
Fuel tank capacity 30 litres
Turning radius 2.3 m
Tyres front 6.0 × 12 (tiller pattern)
Tyres rear 8.30 × 20 (tiller pattern)
Weight 1055 kg

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