STIHL HSA 94 T Cordless Hedgetrimmer 24" bar with battery & charger
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Brands: Stihl
Product Code: HSA 94 T



Kit comes with BATTERY & CHARGER (AR 1000 BATTERY & AL 500 CHARGER).

A 24 inch / 60 cm cordless professional hedge trimmer optimised for precise trimming.

STIHL's HSA 94 T benefits from a specialised design for precise trimming tasks, as well as all the benefits of STIHL's Lithium-Ion PRO range. Sold as a shell without battery or charger.

Perfect for precision trimming

The 24 inch / 60 cm double-sided blade can cut horizontally and vertically, while the handle enjoys multi-functional use as it can be rotated to allow both side and top cutting with ease. As the trimming version of the HSA 94, this model has a different blade shape, with smaller tooth spacing and a lower tooth height as well as gearing for a higher stroke rate, resulting in a tool that allows for precise work and the creation of a multitude of specific shapes, easily.

Light, quiet & easy to use

The HSA 94 T is part of STIHL Lithium-Ion PRO range, benefiting from their EC motor with automatic rotation direction switching as well as impressive performance. It weighs just 3.9 kg excluding battery and charger, is quiet enough that hearing protection is not required, and as a cordless electric machine enjoys low vibration operation.

For more versatile use, this hedge trimmer can also be used in wet weather conditions, and to help with durability is provided with a screw-on cut and tip protector.

Sold as a shell only without battery or charger

Batteries and chargers in this range of tools can be used interchangeably, so once you own one set you can potentially use them on STIHL's other cordless machines, representing great value for money. As a result, this model is sold as a shell only, with the battery and charger available separately. Recommended for use with the HSA 94 T is STIHL's AR 1000 backpack battery, providing up to 380 minutes of use on the slower stroke rage, or 320 on the fastest.

Alternatively the AP 300 can give up to 135 minutes of use on the slower stroke. The AL 500 charger can fully charge the AR 1000 in 120 minutes and the AP 300 in 35 minutes.


  • Vibration value, right m/s2: 3.1
  • Vibration value, left m/s2: 4
  • Tooth spacing mm: 30
  • Sound power level dB(A): 96
  • Sound pressure level dB(A): 85
  • Cutting length cm: 60
  • Rated voltage V: 36
  • Run time with AP 300 min: Up to 135
  • Battery life time AP 100 min: Up to 45
  • Run time with AP 200 min: Up to 60
  • Weight kg: 3.9
  • Total length cm: 118
  • Battery life time AR 2000 min: Up to 550
  • Run time with AR 3000 min: Up to 700

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