Portek Chainmaster Ultra MK3 Pro Chainsaw Sharpener (Model: 095B)
Brand:: Portek
Product Code: Portek Chainmaster Ultra MK3 Sharpener (Model: 095B)


The machine for the professional user. This fully adjustable, workshop quality model is robust enough to deal with prolonged use.

The Ultra Chainmaster MK3’s adjustable cradle means it able to sharpen 10° chains. Suitable for a wide range of makes and sizes of chain. The integral light helps to get the perfect cutting edge everytime.


  • Adjustable 0 – 35° cutting angle
  • Sharpens 10° chains
  • Motor: 230v, 230W, 3000rpm
  • Suitable for all makes and sizes of chain
  • Work Light: 230v, 15W
  • Replaceable grinding wheels: 4.5mm/3.2mm

Precision Alignment

The Ultra Chainmaster MK3 sharpener offers the user precision when it comes to keeping your chainsaw sharp.

Adjustable Cradle

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