Parcmow Robotic Mower Connected RTK (Up to 45000m2) with GPS
Brand: Belrobotics
Model: Parcmow
SKU: BM-1050


ParcMow The Durable Robot Mower For Green Spaces

ParcMow Connected RTK with GPS is capable of maintaining up to 45000m2 of turf completely autonomously. (Depends on the fertilization and watering of the lawn. The presence of obstacles and slopes reduces capacity). So is recommended for large green spaces, public spaces and private grounds.

Belrobotics - GPS RTK. Equipped with the latest navigation technology available, the ParcMow robots can now navigate in pattern mode.

All the advantages of the connected robots in addition to some new features with the robots equipped with a GPS RTK system.

In addition to the equipment needed for a connected line unit, the following equipment is required to benefit from these innovative features.

• A Robot
• A docking station
• GPS RTK base with Wifi
• GPS RTK License

The robot is now able to:

• Mow in a pattern mode, say goodbye to random lines, your field can now be mown in straight lines.

• Triple the mowing capacity: with its cutting-edge new technology, the robot’s performance is enhanced, it takes less time to mow entirely a sport field, leaving the pitch available for the players for a longer period. the single machine can now take care of more areas.

Works Day & Night
ParcMow is fitted with 3 floating cutting heads that adapt instantly to the grounds elevation. There are a total of 9 stainless steel blades that provide perfect, constant mulching. Fitted with 5 sonars, the automower will instantly deactivates its cutting system if it encounters an obstacle. A cutting width of 633mm for uniform, ensures safe working.

Mow To Your Own Schedule
ParcMow automatically monitors the maintenance of your green spaces, without the need for human intervention. It’s quiet-running and ecological action is combined with reduced usage costs. The charging process conducted at a low voltage station is automated and safe. It provides a durable mow for your green space and generates an average annual energy consumption of barely 580 kWh.

Mowing capacity up to 12000m2.
3 independent floating mowing heads.
Energy savings.
Absolute safety due to 5 sonars.

Stay Connected
Get lawn care at your fingertips with the Belrobotics App and Web Portal. Check the performance of your robot mowers wherever you are from your smartphone. Monitor live status updates, battery levels and their performance over the last five days. Get an easy overview of activities, parameters and schedules. Send any commands and get instant confirmation. Check robot GPS location with associated alarms position. Search, sort, filter and group to compare all robot in your fleet.

Technical Specifications:
Max. mowing area: Up to 45.000 m2
Mowing width: 633 mm
Number of heads: 3
Number of blades: 9
Speed: 2.8 km/h
Battery type: LIFePo4
Standard battery capacity: 19,2 Ah
More powerful battery options: (Ah) 24
Battery voltage: 26.4 V
Charging time:  80 min
Average annual consumption: 580 kWh
Anti-theft safety feature: Yes
Max. noise: 52dB
Monitoring: Track & Trace + SMS Included
Weight: (kg) 48 kg
Dimensions: 100cm x 104cm x 46cm (Length x Width x Height)
Low cut – minimum: 20 mm
High cut – maximum: 100 mm
Standard max. Slope 35%
Sonar: Yes
Adaptive mowing: Standard
Multizone: Yes
Obstacle sonar: Yes
Fleet management system: Yes

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