John Deere JS63V 21"/53cm Petrol Mulching Lawnmower
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Brand:: John Deere
Product Code: JS63V


The JS63V is a dedicated mulching machine which delivers a premium cut without the need to manually dispose of clippings. The highly effective mulching system will save you time and effort.

Variable speed
The JS63V make it easy to adjust speeds to suit you and your terrain.

Deep Dome Deck
The 53cm (21-in.) deck is stamped of 13-gauge (0.090 in., 2.28 mm) steel, with a rolled lip for extra strength. The deck is welded to provide a stronger assembly and eliminate fastener heads on the inside of the cutting chamber.
The dome design, combined with a special, three-in-one type blade, provides superior cut quality and mulching performance in heavy or damp grass conditions. Height of cut adjusters are located on the front and rear wheel to easily change between mowing heights

Powerful Engine

The JS63V features a 3.2 kW (at 2800 RPM) four stroke engine, which benefits from
- Overhead valve design.
- Cooler running temperature
- Better fuel economy
- Burns fuel cleaner
- Longer valve life
- Cast iron cylinder liner withstands wear, while providing improved oil control and extended engine life.
- High torque for tough mowing conditions.
- Primer bulb for fast, reliable starts.
- Splash lubrication provides an economical means for lubricating the engine

Zone Start
The mowers feature a zone start safety compliance system.
- Operator Presence Control (OPC) must be engaged to start the engine.
- Engine is started from behind handlebars using extended recoil rope.
- Engine and blade will stop within 3 seconds whenever the OPC is released

Self Propelled Variable Speed
The JS63V uses a variable-speed gear transmission with a cone-type clutch for smooth engagement. Shift selector is positioned on the handle to allow changing speeds quickly and easily. Speed range is from 2.5 to 5.2 km/h (1.6 to 3.3 mph).

Side Discharge Chute
Clippings can be evenly dispersed to the right side of the deck using the side-discharge chute as shown above. The side-discharge chute is standard with the JS63V and no blade change is required to install.

Recommended Mowing Area - Up to 2000m²
Mower Cutting Width - 53cm (21 in)
Engine Power - 3.2kW (at 2800rpm)
Forward Speed - from 2.5 to 5.2 km/h (1.6 to 3.3 mph).

Lawnmower Cutting Width
Cutting Width 21"
Lawnmower Drive
Drive System Self-Propelled

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