John Deere Tango E5 Series II Robotic Mower (with Charging Station)
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Brand: Honda
Model: Tango E5 Series II


John Deere Tango E5 Series II Robotic Mower

Fully autonomous mowing.
Operates in any weather at any time.
Extremely quiet.
No grass clipping disposal required.

Welcome to the world of autonomous mowing – a modern, hassle free solution that saves you time and delivers a perfectly maintained lawn.

The TANGO E5 Series II is designed to maintain your lawn automatically meaning you can enjoy the more important aspects of life. Designed, innovated and built by John Deere to its highest manufacturing standards, the TANGO E5 Series II autonomous mower sets a new bench mark in lawn maintenance.


Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery offers high power over long life

Tango E5 uses a Li-ion battery for power supply. The battery delivers 98 kWh at 25.2 V - enough power for outstanding drive and cutting performance. Li-ion batteries provide high power at low weight keeping the mower light. There is nearly no memory effect so the battery capacity does not decrease over time. This along with the very low self-discharge rate, maximizes battery lifetime.

Large user interface provides clear mower status and allows intuitive activation of operation modes
Tango has the best-in-class user interface in the industry. The large, six-line display is easily visible from a distance. The intuitive operation of the mower was the key objective while designing the user interface.

On the left part of the user interface, there are buttons for quick access to the main operations: mow on schedule, mow now, and go home. The right section of the user interface is reserved for the buttons to program the mowing hours and change further settings. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) clearly signal current operation mode and potential faults.

A durable chassis protects the mower from impacts and weather

The chassis of Tango E5 is a solid, double-wall chassis. Due to the sturdy double-wall construction, the mower itself is very stiff. The inner part of the body is sealed against the hood. All electronics are inside the double-wall body, protected against dirt, dust, moisture, and other outside interference. Condensed water at the bottom of the double wall can exit through drain holes. Solid acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) material provides high resistance against sunlight.

Durable blade offers long-lasting, high-quality cut with low noise, emission, and power need

Tango uses a four-side-sharpened adequate blade. The blade excels through its durability and sharpness for a high-quality cut performance for a whole season. In case of the blade coming to a hard stop by hitting a rock or similar object, the blade motor is protected from the impact by the blade-mounting shims which allow the blade to stop immediately but the motor and shaft to shortly slip until it stops. The shape of the blade permits only the cranked cutting edges to be in contact with the grass, furnishing low noise and minimizing power consumption.
Our experience shows that in many applications, one single blade can be used an entire season; whilst other autonomous mowers in the market would require blade change frequently.

Maintained grass length set in a breath with the height-of-cut adjustment
The cutting-height adjustment is done by turning the blade shield. The cutting system with the blade and protection shield is similar to a traditional mower. The blade and protection shield go up and down simultaneously, gaining more safety from a contained blade. The height-of-cut range goes from
19 mm—102 mm.

With autonomous mowing, you are adjusting the permanent grass height, unlike traditional mowing where a grass height lower than average grass length is usually selected, as the grass will then grow significantly until the next cut. Therefore, it is recommended to step back from strict height-of-cut settings but rather fine tune as and when needed.
A height-of-cut decal and notches in the shield assembly help you to find the adequate height of cut which may vary throughout the season.

Sensors assist the mower staying safe in all conditions
Boundary sensors (highlighted in red), indicate the mower’s position in relation to the boundary wire. The handle sensor at the back and the two front-caster sensors add safety in case of lifts.
Four boundary sensors indicate if the mower is operating within the area defined by the boundary wire. Outside of this area, the mower will neither drive nor spin the blade. If the mower encounters an obstacle even at low force, it will stop and resume mowing into another direction. This is controlled by the sudden increase of torque on the rear wheels.
The Tango also features a built-in tilt sensor that instantly stops the mower whenever raised more than 35 percent (20 degree). If the predominant rear handle is held, a sensor within this handle will stop the blade immediately. The same is true if the mower is lifted on the side or front, recognized by lift sensors at both front wheels. If this interruption by handle or front wheel sensors lasts for up to 3 seconds, Tango will try to reverse away from the situation. If the situation continues, it will stop completely requesting a manual restart. Note that there are several other safety provisions.

Smart navigation entitles Tango E5 to cover the entire lawn in minimized mowing time
There is a wide difference between traditional mowing and autonomous mowing. The principle of traditional mowing is to mow frequently but with longer intervals from one mowing to the next; therefore, you could state that it is getting long grass short. Autonomous mowing takes place up to several times per day; therefore, it is maintaining short grass short.

As per the short-grass-short principle, the mower can also operate in wet conditions as the short grass clippings do not clump and leave an unsightly finish. The autonomous mower will operate within boundaries defined by wires installed in the garden. It operates randomly on the lawn at given times. Whenever the battery power becomes low or scheduled time is over, the mower will return to its station to charge and idle until the next mowing sequence is scheduled.

Cutting every corner even of complex gardens
While the boundary wire defines the borders of the entire garden, it can also be used to create keep-out areas such as flower beds where the mower should not mow. To cut hidden corners of the garden, Tango E5 will drive to launch points along the boundary wire and start mowing from there. Up to five launch points can be adjusted.

Modifying the frequency starting from the various launch points, as well as the charge station, ensures even coverage of all garden sections. A cleanup lap around the entire garden boundary ensures all edges will be well-maintained. The frequency of this cleanup pass is adjustable.

Homing and automatic charging
Once the battery level gets low, Tango E5 will return home by traveling next to the boundary wire until finding the charge station. As the mower uses different tracks on homing process, tracks will be avoided. Once reached, a guide wire in front of the charge station helps the mower to align with the charge station.

In addition to this home-finding along the boundary wire, the smart-homing feature is built-in. In the same way you may fuel a car when reaching a convenient gas station shortly before reaching critical fuel level, Tango will charge its battery when being next to the charge station before power goes low. This provides more time to mow instead of traveling and less tracks in the garden is your benefit.

Battery: Li-Ion technology            
Navigation: Boundary wire            
Cutting Height: 19 – 102 mm            
Recommended Lawn Size: Up to 2200m2

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