John Deere Run 46 18"/46cm Petrol Lawnmower
£375.00 £589.00
Brands: John Deere
Product Code: RUN 46


The Way to RUN your Garden
The new John Deere RUN models are so easy to handle, your garden will be done in no time. For reliability and a perfect cut every time, look no further

Ready to go
The Run Series models use proven, reliable four-stroke ReadyStart petrol engines. Even on chilly mornings, they start straight away – thanks to an automatic choke system that works just like the one in your car.

Single Speed
A single speed drive system means the lawnmower is easy to use and no manual pushing effort is required.

The READYSTART engine system allows for simple starting with the recoil rope thanks to an automatic choke.No priming, no choke, no problem!

Handle Bar
The pleasant rubber coated handlebar ensures that the operator can truly enjoy gardening activity. Of course the handle bar height can be adjusted for different operators.

Textile Bag
Equipped with a big textile bag to allow maximum airflow and therefore provide an impressive collection ability. It also allows for easier storage and less damage opportunity than a conventional plastic box.

Simple Height of Cut Adjustment
The cutting height is quickly adjusted with the central height of cut lever to suit varying demands.

Mulching Capability
Easily convert your machine from collection to mulching with the addition of an optional mulching kit.
Mulching allows you to cut and process the grass without the need to collect. This is achieved by the clippings being cut and recut before being blown back into the lawn.

Recommended Mowing Area - Up to 1200m²
Mower Cutting Width - 46cm (18 in)
Engine Power - 2,1 kW at 2.900 RPM
Forward Speed - Single-Speed 3,6 km/h (1,7 mph)
Lawnmower Cutting Width
Cutting Width 18"
Lawnmower Drive
Drive System Self-Propelled

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