John Deere PRO 43B Commercial Battery Lawnmower
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Brand:: John Deere
Product Code: Pro 43B


John Deere PRO 43B Commercial Walk-Behind Mower

Cast aluminium deck with steel plate reinforcements.
Foldable Handlebar.
AntiVibration System.
Turbostar fan assisted collection.
Lithium-Ion 2 x 6Ah 40V.

Power Packed
Meet the PRO 43B, our walk-behind mower for commercial applications. This 43cm battery mower is ideal for clean-up jobs or when mowing at locations such as cemeteries, where noise or fumes are not appropriate. The reinforced deck is built for years of service, and the powerhead takes two 40 V batteries with a capacity of 6Ah.

Go Further
The powerhead on this battery mower comes with two battery slots with a capacity of 40V – 6Ah.


Great mowing results with two strong batteries.
The 36-V powerhead is capable of carrying two batteries and switches automatically to the second battery when the first one is empty. For additional ease of use, there is a spring-loaded battery release system. The two batteries used on the Pro43B offer a competitive 6 amp-hr, which allows for sufficient mowing time. The ground coverage in normal conditions is about 500 m² (5382 sq ft). The fast charger in base provides a short recharging time for the batteries of approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The perfect push mower for small surfaces and edge cleaning.
This professional battery mower enables quiet operations in public spaces.
Push mowers are the economic choice within the lineup and come with the least weight.
Achieve straight lines with minimal effort; the straight-handle design makes it easy to push the mower forward.
The clean design of the handlebar makes operation very intuitive.
The stiff handlebar enables precise steering and efficient mowing under trees, around obstacles, and into corners, even on hills.

Excellent performance through many years with an aluminum mower deck.
A deeply contoured deck design provides excellent grass lift and maximum airflow for good mowing performance in all types of grass.
It is made with durable and lightweight polymer.
Made of lightweight aluminum, it prevents rust and retains an attractive appearance for many years. The smooth shape of the mower deck allows cleaning it with a brush or scraper without getting stuck on molding imperfections or undulations in the design. This also ensures minimal grass accumulation during mowing, avoiding any blockage situations.
The mowing deck allows mowing to the edge, eliminating the need to tidy up edges with a trimmer. Use the left side of the mower for the cleanup path; it gets closer to the edge than the right side due to the discharge chute on the right.
Commercial mowers feature steel plates outside the mower deck to protect the exposed surface from damage by walls, benches, lamps, etc. Inside, a steel ring extends lifetime in the cutting area of the mower deck.

Keep packed grass and dust inside the collection bag that features a fill indicator.
The durable and attractive rear-discharge bag makes grass collection easy.
Large capacity provides long intervals between emptying of clippings.
The bag design allows installation and removal in seconds.
The large mouth and the molded in grip at the underside make dumping grass clippings easy.
Textile baggers limit dust accumulation while plastic bags with their larger openings allow dust to exit easier.
A fill indicator signals the operator when it is time to empty the bag.
Bags are colored black to keep them looking clean.
No grass falls down when taking the bagger out (operators will appreciate this, especially in parks where people walk their dogs; having to push back the grass from the discharge chute manually into the bagger is usually a steep learning curve).
Compared to a plastic bag, the textile bagger does not open when going up steps (e.g., between a patio and garden). The rear of the bag will be pushed up by contacting ground, but the flexible textile bag remains on the mower. A plastic bag would be completely pushed up at the rear, resulting in grass dumping.

Durable wheels are free-moving for years.
High-impact rubber tires and steel rims provide a smooth ride through the years.
The tread ensures good traction and steering while also reducing buildup of cut grass.
Large wheels roll on ball or needle bearings for minimal push and pull effort.

Lawnmower Cutting Width
Cutting Width 17"
Lawnmower Drive
Drive System Self-Propelled

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