Honda Miimo 70 Live Robotic Lawnmower (Incl. Wire and Pegs)
Brand: Honda
Model: HRM 70


Honda Miimo 70 Live Robotic Lawnmower (Incl. Wire and Pegs)

Honda Miimo 70 Live Robotic Lawnmower (Incl. Wire and Pegs)

Please Note: If you require professional installation of this product, this will incur an extra cost dependent on lawn complexity.

Area Capacity: Up to 700m²
Working Capacity: 32m²/h

Battery: Li-ion 18V/2.5Ah
Mowing time per charge: 75 minutes
Boundary wire and pegs included: 175m / 240 pegs
User interface: Control Panel & Smart Phone App ("Mii-Monitor")

Miimo cuts your lawn so you don't have to.

The small Miimo range takes the effort out of lawn maintenance, ensuring your garden looks pristine everyday.

An intelligent robotic mower, which calculates your garden's size, learns its layout and works out a mowing calendar all on its own. With the power to mow areas up to 700m2, there's no easier way to keep your lawn in perfect condition all year round.

It begins by mapping your entire lawn, then calculating its size before creating a bespoke mowing calendar. Thanks to its Smart Timer, it will allow for changes in the weather and the speed at which your grass grows - and even stay in its base during heavy rain to avoid damage.

With the ability to cut in a logical pattern, Small Miimo can cut stripes into your lawn quickly and efficiently and for those small spaces which Small Miimo has been unable to reach, such as garden furniture areas, Place & Mow allows you to cut specific small sections with ease. With the Mii-Monitor App, you can see how often Small Miimo plans to mow and make adjustments at any time. You can even control Small Miimo with your voice, as Small Miimo now works with Amazon Alexa*

If you're concerned about slopes in your garden, this Miimo is able to cut on slopes up to 9 degrees with its high level of traction and grip. Thanks to its rapid reaction lift sensors, it will never get stuck in a hole or uneven ground.

There is no need to worry about safety as Miimo has 360 degree bump sensors. This means it will automatically stop its blades when it detects it's being picked up and will automatically turn away from garden obstacles and pets.

*Available on HRM40 Live and HRM70 Live only

Key Features Overview:

Automatic Charging System: Small Miimo works for as long as you want. When needed, it heads directly to the docking station to recharge itself then gets straight back to work.

Micro Mulching: Small Miimo cuts grass clippings into minute particles so they drop down through the grass and acts as a fertiliser - no more walking grass through the house.

Map & Mow: Using the simple 4-step setup process, Map & Mow will calculate your garden size and create a mowing calendar. With logical cutting, it is the most intelligent way to manage small gardens.

Smart Timer: In deciding when to mow, Small Miimo takes the weather into account so it won't try to mow your lawn during heavy rain or if it's been so dry that your grass has not had the chance to grow.

Smartphone App: A simple and intuitive interface that allows you to review and control Miimo's cutting schedule, wherever you are.

Weatherproof: Small Miimo is IPX4 weatherproof and can tackle most wet weather conditions.

Honda Miimo 70 Live Robotic Lawnmower (Incl. Wire and Pegs)
Area capacity Up to 700m²
Working capacity 170 m²/h
Maximum incline mowing area 15º / 27%
Maximum incline wire on slope 9º / 15%
Noise Level guaranteed 63 dB(A)
Blade type 3 (Swing back type)
Cutting width 190mm
Cutting height adjustment Manual from 30 to 50mm
Battery type Li-ion 18V / 2.5Ah
Mowing time per charge 75min
Charging time 60min
Waterproofing IPX4
Smartphone application Androind and iOS
Docking station position Corner & Edge
Length x Width x Height 445 x 364 x 202mm
Weight 7.6 kg

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