Grader Blade 6GB 6ft wide
Brands: Farm Tech Supplies
Product Code: 6GB


Grader Blade 6GB 6ft wide

The 6GB grader blade is perfect for grading around smallholding tracks or fields. It is also great for snow and other debris.
The grader blade can be attached to the 3 point linkage of a range of small or compact tractors and has a category 1 linkage.

The implement can be rotated 360 degrees using a simple pivoting mechanism, easy to bolt into selected angle for clearing debris.
Toughened steel blade for grading a variety of ground surfaces.


Model No: 6GB
Working Width (cm): 180
Tractor Range (HP): 18-50
Weight (Kg): 90
Rotation: 360 Degrees
Blade: Reversible
Scraper: Steel
3 Point Linkage
Linkage: Category 1

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