Field King Pro Backpack Sprayer (Professional)
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Field King Pro Backpack Sprayer (Professional)

The Smith Performance Field King Pro is a professional-grade 15 litre capacity knapsack sprayer for both summer and winter applications. Manufactured from materials that are resistant to commonly-found chemicals ensuring the longest possible lifetime.

An exclusive high-performance no-leak internal pump ensures that chemicals won’t leak down the wearer’s back and clothing, while innovative paddles in the tank ensure liquid and water soluble powder chemicals are always perfectly mixed ready for application.

Other features include a lockable trigger to prevent hand fatigue, easy to change seals and flat spray or foaming nozzles.

No possibility of external leaks.
Longer life, resistant to most chemicals.
Padded comfort straps.
Fully serviceable, replace seals in less than 10 minutes.
Within 20kg weight carrying guidelines when full.
Light weight Poly Lance.
Internal Agitator Paddles.
15 Litre Capacity Tank.
Internal Piston pump.
Improves mixture consistency particularly difficult products like wettable powders.

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